How to set the Apple TV to the highest quality

The Apple TV is a multimedia device that connects to a television via an HDMI cable and that has an operating system, tvOS designed by apple itself and that you can access the exclusive catalog of Apple TV+. Within your software, it has a great capacity for customization and adjustments, which we will analyze below.

set the Apple TV to the highest quality

Essential adjustments

Within the settings tab, we go to video and audio . Regarding the video options, we can determine the maximum resolution of our television. However, it is true that you can put the resolution that we want, but it does not make sense to put a 4K resolution when your television does not support that value.

Regarding the HDR and SDR options, nothing happens if you choose one option or the other, since it is an aspect that depends to a large extent on your television and if it is not capable of reproducing content with these characteristics, it will not work on neither of the two options. On the other hand, if the appropriate resolution is more important, and above all, choose between 50 Hz or 60 Hz. If you are in Europe, the best option is 50 HZ, on the contrary, if you have a residence or a business trip and you are at a point outside this geographical area, it is normal that we have 60 Hz or another value.

The HDMI output is another aspect to take into account when configuring our Apple TV, where two options appear: RGB and YCbCr. The most recommended is the second option, which is the format that will least compress the color and the transfer rate from Apple TV to television. However, it is important that we have a good HDMI cable, because in that case, we will not have a good transfer of information. Both High and Low RGB options will compress the image somewhat and will look for equivalence.

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Secondary settings

The first option that appears to us is the high and low dynamic range activation option where different options appear. The most recommended thing is that we activate the high and low dynamic range option next to the frame rate. From the Apple TV settings option, we can make audio modifications, since we can determine that it comes from the speakers of the television, Apple TV or AirPods. However, it is best to have it automatically, so that Apple determines which output is the most recommended at all times.

Along with this, there is the option to reduce loud sounds to avoid disturbing when we are watching an action movie and we do not want to disturb the neighbors or the people who are in the next room, we activate this option and there is a reduction of the louder or more punctual sounds to avoid acoustic problems.

The color balance of the device can be adjusted with both the Apple TV and the iPhone. To make a perfect calibration, we can use the iPhone if it has Face ID technology, which is placed next to the television, and in one or two minutes, it will reconfigure the quality of the television and establish a real quality and avoid colors saturated or with other values. We find the same situation with external audio, because if you have external audio that we want to include Apple TV, we have the option of automatically synchronizing the audio, where the iPhone will be an intermediate element to correct that lag between audio and video.

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