How to send large files for free from your Mac

Mail drop is a native Apple service with which you can share large files without having to resort to third-party files. However, file sending is not infinite, but sending 5 GB of files is already more than enough. In this post we explain sending files through this functionality.

Before we get into Mail Drop, it’s important to note that AirDrop is not MailDrop. It is true that in both software you can send documents and files, but the main difference is that AirDrop can only send documents if the devices are very close to each other and through Bluetooth, aspect that Mail Drop sends a file via e-mail over Wifi or iPhone data.

How to send large files for free from your Mac

How to send files by iOS and iPadOS?

Mail Drop is present on iOS and iPadOs by default and cannot be disabled. Therefore, next we will see how we can update it and get the most out of it. The file submission process consists of 7 steps in total:

  1. We open the Mail app on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We press the pencil-shaped button to create a new email.
  3. Click once on the body of the message to bring up the menu.
  4. We choose Add document.
  5. We select the document that we want to add.
  6. We send the message.
  7. When the system asks us, we choose Use Mail Drop

mail app

How to send files by macOS?

Unlike iOS or iPadOs, to send files by Mail Drop from macOS you have to activate the function . To do this, you have to go to the Mail App of our Mac and in preferences we choose the accounts tab. In this tab, you activate the possibility to “send large attachments with Mail Drop” . Once we have activated this functionality, we will proceed to carry out the three steps to send a file.

  1. We open the Mail app on our Mac.
  2. Click on the pencil-shaped button at the top left to create a new email.
  3. We drag the attachments that we want to the message. We press send.

Mail Mac

Mail Drop Limitations

Apple’s native file delivery alternative has significant limitations, especially at the file space level. First, the entire submission cannot exceed 5 GB including attachments. Second, the file limit cannot exceed 1TB. Along with this, there is a third limit that is the sending of different recipients. However, these three limitations have solutions that we will present below.

First of all, you can send multiple 5GB files up to completely sending all the files. Secondly, you can avoid the recipient limit by creating several groups , which allows you to send the information avoiding said limit. Third and last, if you send more than 1TB of storage, after 30 days , the files are deleted, so you can send documents again using Mail Drop.

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