How to Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for the Best Price

In the bustling marketplace of pre-owned smartphones, your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a valuable asset. With its top-notch specifications and the promise of continued software updates from Samsung, it’s a device that still holds considerable value. If you’re considering selling your Galaxy S22 Ultra, either to upgrade or simply to put some extra cash in your pocket, you’re in luck.

The market is ripe, but to maximize your return, it’s crucial to navigate the sale smartly. Here’s a guide to selling your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for the best possible price.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Maximizing the Sale Value of Your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

1. Choose Your Selling Platform Wisely

The choice of platform can significantly influence the selling price of your Galaxy S22 Ultra. Direct-to-consumer platforms like Wallapop, eBay, or Milanuncios put you in control, allowing for price negotiations directly with potential buyers. These platforms may require patience and a bit of negotiation savvy, but they typically yield a higher return than selling directly to resellers.

2. Setting the Right Price

To set a competitive price, research is key. Check current listings for the Galaxy S22 Ultra across various platforms to understand the going rate. Consider factors such as storage capacity, condition, and included accessories. While it’s tempting to aim high, remember that a slightly lower price can speed up the sale without significantly impacting your profit.

3. Prepare Your Device

Presentation matters. Before listing, ensure your Galaxy S22 Ultra is in its best possible condition. A clean, damage-free device with original accessories and packaging is more appealing and can command a higher price. Include quality photos and a detailed description in your listing to attract serious buyers.

4. Highlight Key Selling Points

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s longevity in terms of software updates, its Dynamic AMOLED display, the integrated S Pen, and its high-end camera capabilities are all significant selling points. Make sure to emphasize these features in your listing to remind potential buyers of the value they’re getting.

5. Consider Reseller Options for Quick Sales

If time is of the essence or you prefer not to deal with direct selling, resellers like Phone House, Black Markt, or Cleverbuy offer an easier, albeit lower-paying, alternative. While you might not fetch as high a price as you would selling directly to the end user, these options offer convenience and immediate payment.

Price Expectations

Based on the current market, a well-conditioned Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could fetch between 250 to 350 euros from resellers, with prices potentially higher for devices in excellent condition or with higher storage capacity. However, patience and strategic listing on consumer-to-consumer platforms could see prices ranging around 500 euros or more, particularly for a device in great shape and with all its accessories.


Selling your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra requires a blend of strategic pricing, platform selection, and device presentation. By carefully preparing for the sale and choosing the right platform, you can maximize your return on a device that still holds a significant place in the high-end smartphone market. Whether you opt for the direct negotiation route or the convenience of resellers, understanding the value of your Galaxy S22 Ultra and presenting it accordingly is key to a successful sale.