How to Save Battery on Apple Watch

save-battery-apple-watchThe Apple Watch has many features that require a higher battery consumption than other smartwatch. However, Apple tries to improve the autonomy of the Apple Watch with each version of its operating system, watchOS, and with each new model. However, it is still short for many, so we bring a series of tips to make the Apple Watch’s battery last longer .

Tips to save battery on the Apple Watch

The most basic, and recommended by Apple itself, is to always have the latest version of watchOS available installed on our Apple Watch. Remember that to update you must go to the Watch application on the iPhone and go to My Clock> General> Software update.

Other tips we can follow are the following:

  • If you have an Apple Watch Series 5 you can deactivate the “Always on display” function, which means that the clock screen will always be on. For this you can go directly on the clock to Settings> Display and brightness and once there deactivate the functionality of the screen always on.
  • Deactivate the option “Activate screen when raising the wrist” . If you have a tendency to move your hands a lot you will have appreciated that the Apple Watch screen is always turning on. This obviously spends a lot of energy, so it is best to disable this option in the Apple Watch application of the iPhone in Settings> General> Activate Display. Once here you must deactivate the option “Activate screen when raising the wrist”. Now when you want to turn on the Watch screen you must tap it or just press on the digital crown.

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  • Check the applications that consume the most battery and close them. From the iPhone app you can get information about which applications consume more battery in My Clock> General> Use. If you detect that an application consumes too much battery, simply open the app in question and press and hold the side button until the power off option appears. Once on this screen, release the side button and press and hold the digital crown until it takes you to the home screen.
  • When you go running or walking, deactivate the heart rate sensor . Apple itself recommends disabling this sensor when we go out to exercise with the watch. Go to the Watch app on the iPhone and in My Clock> I train and activate the option “Disable sensor”. You can also do it automatically in My Clock> General and by activating the “Save battery when training” mode. When deactivating this option the calculation of calories will not be very reliable, so it is advisable to use heart rate bands.
  • Take advantage of the OLED technology of the screen and use the dark spheres to have greater energy savings.
  • Be very careful if you turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone, since the Apple Watch will consume much more battery. For your watch to work properly, it is best to have it linked to your iPhone at all times.

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  • Limit movement and animations on the Apple Watch. For this you must go to the Apple Watch settings and in General> Accessibility you must activate the “Reduce movement” and “Reduce transparency” options.
  • Control push notifications , for which it is recommended to have only the apps that you normally use on the watch installed.
  • Activate the energy saving mode in cases of emergency , and we emphasize that it is in these cases because when activated all processes are paralyzed and we can only see the time. To activate it, press the side button until the option appears. To exit this option it will be necessary to turn off the clock and turn it on again.

Following all these tips it is clear that the autonomy of the watch will grow, but it is not necessary to do everything at once if you want to enjoy a complete experience with the Apple Watch.