How to Save Battery in Zoom in a Simple Way

Zoom is on everyone’s lips. During this quarantine period, its demand has been increased in a stratospheric way, generating more downloads in these months of 2020 than in all of 2019. And not only for that, it is also in the eye of the hurricane for its questionable security methods. , although according to official institutions such as universities, it seems that this is solved.

With this guarantee, although with the utmost caution, we are not going to deprive ourselves of continuing to use this app, which is very useful for arranging work meetings in class. Or just to see family and friends. As we said before, developers have seen their app usage increase exponentially, but what we see increased is the consumption of the smartphone battery. It would not hurt to save autonomy while making video calls.


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How to save battery … from the app itself

We could be through the activation of a dark mode, an option widely used by many of the Android applications, but it is not. Unfortunately, there is no function to change this parameter from within Zoom itself, at least for now. However, we can cut, to a certain extent, that wear and tear generated by using the app. apagar vídeo zoom para ahorrar batería

To do this, when we are on the main screen, we go to the “Settings” section, located in the lower right corner of the panel. Next, we click on “Meeting”, and once we access the menu, we look at the option “Always turn off my video”. If it is activated, we can deactivate it , leaving only the audio as a means to communicate with the group. What has been a normal and ordinary call. This will save battery power in a notorious way, it is something palpable as the percentage of consumption of the app decreases.

Other options to decrease consumption

Within it, there are more options that will give us greater durability of autonomy if we use them correctly. If we go back to the “Settings” menu, there is the “Chat” section, to adjust parameters during the video call. What we are going to do is try to make the app work as little as possible, only for the conversation we are having at that moment. For this, we will restrict the different notifications that the app sends. eliminar notificaciones zoom para ahorrar batería

From that “Chat” menu, we can choose when to receive notifications, and selecting “Only when I am not active on the desktop” will limit its operation. Secondly, we are going to select notifications for “Private messages or mentions” or if we wish, “Nothing”. Thus, we will avoid this arrival of notices, which will shorten that work in the background.

The app also warns us about unread messages during the video call chat, but we can avoid it if we activate the “Disable when in meeting” function. All these measures will cause a guaranteed decrease in battery consumption, although not with as much effect as the first trick we have discussed.