How to return a game on Steam: discover the conditions

Whether we purchase a product online or in a physical store, there are conditions and time limits that must be met in order to return it and receive a refund. With the rise of digital formats, many PC users are now buying video games or programs online, but what happens if the product does not meet their expectations or does not work as expected due to minimum specifications?

Fortunately, digital game stores like Steam and Epic Games allow users to return any game they purchase without having to provide a reason for the return. As a digital product, there is no physical packaging involved that could affect its condition, so the product can be returned to the market in the same state it was bought.

return game steam

When purchasing a game in digital format, we acquire a digital license associated with our account on the platform where we made the purchase. If we meet the necessary conditions to return the product, the platform will remove the game from our library and provide a full refund for the amount paid.

Requirements to return a Steam game

In order to request a refund for a physical game purchased through Steam, we need to fulfill two conditions. Firstly, we should make the request within 14 days of purchasing the game, which is sufficient time to receive the physical copy and return it. However, we also need to ensure that we have played the game for no more than 2 hours.

If we fail to meet either of these conditions, we will not be able to return the game and receive a refund to our Steam account or payment method. Nonetheless, we can still submit a request stating the reasons for wanting to return the game, and Valve will review the request and determine whether or not to allow the return.

How to return a game on Steam

To initiate the return process for a game on Steam, we can either use the website or the application installed on our computer. The latter option is generally more convenient and quicker. First, we need to access the game’s page on Steam and go to the Support section. Then, we select the option for “Gameplay or technical issue” from the available choices.

return steam game

After selecting “Gameplay or technical issue”, Steam will provide various options to troubleshoot the problem with the game. To proceed with the return, we need to choose “I have another problem”.

return steam game

After selecting “I have another problem”, the next window will display two options: “Contact the game’s support team” and “I would like to request a refund”. To request a refund, we must select the second option.

return steam game