How to Restore the Previous Google Chrome Design: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Google has been carrying out different changes to its appearance in recent months that, although they are aimed at improving the user experience, do not always meet their objective. If this is your case and you prefer to go back to the old design, don’t worry, it is possible to go back to the old design by carrying out a very simple movement.

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers worldwide. And, therefore, each change made is measured to the millimeter to minimally affect the experience that users have of it. However, despite this, when updates are made it is common for many users to wonder if it is possible to return to the previous designs, since they were more familiar with them and do not want to waste time learning the composition of the new functionalities.

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Officially, there is no functionality that allows us to return to the previous design of Google Chrome. However, there is a method that, despite not being visible in the Google Chrome settings menu, can help us reverse the design and return to the appearance prior to the update. Below, we tell you how to do it.

How to Disable the New Google Chrome Design

To return to the old layout, we have to open a new Google Chrome tab and type the following command on the main page: chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023. We will notice how we access a menu that, if we are not used to it, can be somewhat complex to understand. However, if we only change the parameters that are necessary, we will not have any problems when it comes to meeting our objective.

Within the menu of all the options that appear, we must look for the configuration menu that has the name Chrome Refresh 2023. In the drop-down menu on the right, we must change the Default option to Disabled.

Once we have made the change, just as we have to do when we make any type of update, we have to restart our Google Chrome. In this case, it is worth keeping in mind that all open tabs will be reopened once the restart is performed. So we are not going to lose any of the information we were working with.

It is worth knowing that normally these types of changes are usually limited by Google, since the company itself is interested in having all its consumers update Google Chrome. Therefore, if we want to make the change, our recommendation is that we do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, this option may no longer be available in a few weeks.

What if I want to return to the current design later?

This change is not irreversible. And it may be the case that, after a while, we want to update Google Chrome until we adapt to the new options it offers us and the most current design. In this case, we will not be able to perform the update in the traditional way, that is, the classic notification will not appear in the upper right corner. However, we can update without problems if we go to the same hidden menu that we have previously accessed and touch the appropriate parameters.

That is, in the function that says Chrome Refresh 2023, we will have to change the Disabled to the Default. From that moment, and after restarting the computer, we will be able to enjoy all the changes again until we completely adapt to them.