How to Resize Widgets on Android

Our mobile widgets are a step beyond mere direct access icons. With them, we can launch the main functions of the applications just by touching them. However, even widgets can be customized, changing their size to give them more or less importance compared to others.

Widgets are shortcuts to functions in many applications. In this way, we can activate a certain alarm, perform a direct search in Google Assistant or have a real-time player of our favorite music player. Almost any app has its own widgets. What fewer people may know is that we can also modify their size , to prioritize their importance over others, or simply highlight them in some way.

widgets android

Resize Widgets

Compatible phones

Being able to change the size of the widgets is something possible on many mobiles, but it is not something available on all. Everything will depend on the customization layer , its version and even the version of Android. However, many devices from brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Samsung, vivo and many others, allow this modification. However, getting out of doubt will take just a few seconds.

First, add the Widget

To modify the size of the widget, we must have previously chosen it and positioned it on the home screen. To do this, we press on the desktop and touch on “widgets.” Once done, we select the desired application and the favorite widget from the options that the application offers us. Once done, the widget will be fixed on the desktop.

widget shazam gigante

Increase its size

Now, the options that we know will allow us to press and hold the icon to move the widget on the desktop, change it from the screen or even delete it. However, to change its size, we will have to leave it pressed until it is highlighted and do nothing. Later we will see that the edges of the widget are highlighted. Now we can drag these borders, from the desired corner to make the widget bigger or smaller.

In the image that accompanies these lines, we can see an example with a Shazam widget, made giant on a dedicated screen. This means that the options are very wide and will depend on our tastes and the importance we give to each widget. However, we will have to bear in mind that not all widgets are compatible with resizing, so we can find exceptions among our installed apps.