How to Remove Password Protection from PDF Files

The PDF format is widely used for sharing documents that should remain unaltered by recipients. PDFs offer additional functions, such as digital signatures and password protection. If you need to remove the password from a PDF file, here’s how to do it using both online websites and downloadable applications.

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Websites to Remove PDF Passwords:

  1. Soda – Unlock PDF Online:

    • This web service allows you to quickly unlock password-protected PDFs. You can upload files from your computer or select them from Google Drive or Dropbox. In less than a second, your document will be free from any password or editing restrictions. You can also download the application for offline use if you like how it works. Soda – Unlock PDF Online
  2. LightPDF:

    • LightPDF not only removes PDF passwords but also provides various PDF-related tools. You can add or remove passwords, pages, and edit PDFs without the need to register on the website. They offer applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android for convenient PDF file handling. LightPDF

Programs to Remove PDF Passwords:

  1. Free PDF Password Remover 4dots:

    • Free PDF Password Remover is a free application that eliminates various restrictions from PDF files. It allows you to access password-protected content and remove limitations on copying and printing. Download this free application from their website. Free PDF Password Remover 4dots
  2. PDF Password Remover:

    • Another free option for removing PDF passwords and restrictions is PDF Password Remover. This application provides a straightforward solution to unlock protected PDFs. You can download it directly from their website. PDF Password Remover

Choose the method that best suits your needs and preferences to easily remove password protection from PDF files. Whether you opt for an online solution or a downloadable application, you’ll be able to access and work with your PDFs more conveniently.