How to Remove the Google Search Bar on a Realme

The home screen of our phones is the one we see the most throughout the day, whether we like it or not, and therefore must be adapted to our tastes and needs at any time. We may not need the same startup settings for a personal phone as we do for a work phone. If you don’t like having a home screen loaded on your Realme mobile , try this.

Remove the Google Search Bar on a Realme

The most common elements on the home screen of an Android mobile are the icons and the Google search bar. The former can be minimized or removed on any mobile. But the Google bar cannot be deleted at all, so we propose this trick to delete it from the home screen as well.

Also remove the search bar

This is the secret to having a completely clean home screen on your Realme mobile. Because icons are easily removed with a long press on them and select the “delete” button, but you cannot do the same with the Google search bar. For many of us this is not a useful bar, because we usually access searches before opening Chrome, at least we are not used to it, and it ends up being an element that takes away space for other things.

Barra búsqueda Google Realme

Because you may like to have the home screen full of icons, and also take advantage of the space that the bar occupies . Or quite the opposite, have the minimum number of icons on the home screen and leave free space for the wallpaper to be seen in all its splendor. Something that can be relaxing in some cases, and that also serves to show off the quality of the screen of our Realme. Something that we can easily change in the settings of our phone thanks to Realme UI.

How do you remove the Google search bar?

Well, as we say, it is something that is not possible on any phone, since depending on the layer they have, it is possible or not that they have this functionality available. Fortunately, on your Realme mobile there is this possibility, and it is chosen like this:

  • Long press on the home screen
  • Select the “Settings” icon
  • Swipe the screen
  • Turn off “Search bar at bottom of screen”

Barra búsqueda Google Realme

By doing so, the Google search bar will completely disappear from the home screen of your phone.