How to Recover Deleted Files on Samsung Mobiles

At any time it can happen that we accidentally delete a file, image or video that really mattered to us. Over the years, mobile manufacturers have been adding different features, not only to their terminals, but to their customization layers so that we can recover those deleted items without having to end up resorting to complicated methods or third-party apps. As is the case that we present today, that of Samsung with One UI .

Fortunately, if you have a mobile device from the Korean manufacturer that has this customization layer, you will be able to recover certain elements that you have deleted . And not only will you be able to restore items such as photos or documents, but it will also allow us to recover those messages that we have sent through the different instant messaging apps.

The Samsung Recycle Bin

One of the first manufacturers to have this function was Apple‘s mobile phones, since they decided to add a trash can where all those photos and videos deleted from the gallery were stored in case we ever wanted to recover them. And although Android as such does not have this feature by default, it will depend more on the brand of the mobile device. We can even find that there are different depending on the applications.

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In the case of the South Korean manufacturer, with the arrival of One UI they introduced a recycling bin inside the gallery itself. Although, it is not the only option that allows us, since we will be able to restore those files again, such as documents that we would have deleted if we access My Samsung Files.

Pictures and videos

With this feature functionality that we find in Android terminals, we will be able to rescue those files that we delete before they are deleted forever. That is to say, we are facing a way that is quite similar to how the computer’s recycle bin works.

And, Samsung has its own in the gallery application, to which we send those images or videos that we have decided to delete. In it, all these multimedia elements accumulate for 30 days , after those days they will be deleted forever without us having the option of recovering them again. So if you want to have them again you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the gallery of your mobile.
  2. Touch the three bars in the lower right. Although in some older devices it could be located in the upper right.
  3. Enter the Trash. Once we are inside, we will see all the photos and videos that we have deleted in the last 30 days. To send them back to the gallery, you will have to click on that multimedia file and click on recover. It will also leave you the option to perform the same action on several elements at the same time.

Other files

Papelera Mis Archivos Samsung

In Samsung terminals we will also have the opportunity to have those files that we deleted again, although it will not last for 30 days as in the case of multimedia elements. For this, we will only count up to 15 days to restore them from the recycle bin. The steps to follow will be the following:

  1. Access My Files .
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right and select Trash.
  3. Mark all those elements you want and click on Restore. Once this is done, we will return them to their original location.

How to empty it?

Both bins can be emptied, something similar to what we do on our computers, since, despite being in that folder, they will continue to take up space. In addition, it will not only be an additional burden for the internal storage of our mobile device, but also with that extra weight we can make our terminal end up having a worse performance. So, if you have done a thorough cleaning, you will need to empty this folder as well. The steps to follow will be the following:

  1. Access the recycle bin, either from the Gallery or from My Files.
  2. Once inside, an option to Empty will appear. By giving it, it will ask us if we really want to delete them from this folder, and it will tell us the exact number of elements.

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Rescue your deleted messages with One UI

This function has been one of the last to reach Samsung terminals, and all thanks to One UI 3.0. Therefore, in order to have this feature, we must have this version of the customization layer. For those who have not discovered it yet, we can recover deleted messages from WhatsApp or another messaging app, without having to resort to the backup itself within that app.

In the event that you have a Samsung mobile with One UI 3 or higher , we will make this possible thanks to the function that not everyone knows about, since there is something hidden: the notification history. To do this, we will explain how to activate it, so that tomorrow you will not have any problems in restoring those important conversations.

Basically, it is a function that offers the system itself to show the history of notifications that we have received over time. So, thanks to it, we can get back those Telegram or WhatsApp messages, among other apps. To activate it we must follow the following steps:  

  1. Open your terminal settings> Notifications.
  2. Access Advanced Settings> Notification history and activate it.
  3. Click on ‘Notification history’

Completely simple steps with which we can keep a record with all the notifications that will come to us. In addition, another extra function that this option allows us is that, if a certain message is registered, we can read it in full without having to enter the message itself. And although in that app there is the alternative of deleting a message, our terminal will have saved it, so you can read it perfectly.

Do all mobiles have this feature?

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Currently, mobile devices that have the Google operating system do not have a recycle bin that comes by default, as is the case with iPhones. More than anything, and how we have mentioned above, it will depend on the customization layer of our smartphone.

By this we mean that, depending on the brand of your terminal, you can count on this alternative to restore deleted files without having to resort to a backup. Although, the truth is that there are several ways to ensure this same functionality on Android, we can choose the Google Photos trash , Gmail , or Google Drive .

In addition, some of the brands that have this function, leaving aside Samsung and Apple, are for example Xiaomi, Huawei or OnePlus. So, if you are thinking of changing your mobile to have this recycling bin, make sure that this terminal will have it.