How to Recover Data from a Formatted Mobile

Our smartphone is a place where we store gigabytes and gigabytes of personal information. All this data can be in the form of photos, videos or documents of all kinds, which can be something catastrophic to lose when the case comes. If for any reason, consciously or unconsciously, our most valuable files are deleted, we will always have a door to hope to be able to recover them.

Even in a case that may seem extreme and impossible to reverse, such as the loss of our files after deletion , or even formatting the phone, there are always some cards that we can play to try to have them active again as the first day.

How to recover deleted data

If we have recently deleted it

In this case, Android and manufacturers usually offer very limited options. Basically, the recovery options are limited to being able to search a “trash can” for those multimedia files that we have recently deleted. The terminals that offer this option add a “trash” icon or write the option in the trash settings, with which we can find the recently deleted photos and videos.

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Recover all deleted files in internal memory

But as there are surely more files that we want to recover, including documents, photos, contacts etc … we will have to use a third-party tool specially developed for this purpose. The downside is that the most popular, efficient and that do not require root are paid, luckily, a tool like Dumpster allows us to have several days of trial to be able to recover deleted files.

Once this app is installed, we can perform a complete scan throughout the system in search of recently deleted files and documents. Then we can select the ones we want to recover and click on the restore button to have them back on our mobile.

Recover deleted files on memory card

If the files have been erased from the memory card, it is not difficult to recover them either. One of the tools that offer the best results is Recuva , but in this case, we need to connect the mobile to a PC using the USB cable. Once done, we select the file transfer mode in the connectivity options.

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The program will detect the mobile and we can choose the type of file that we want to recover. In this step we can select the fast or deep scan mode. Once the process is finished, we click on the files to be recovered and we can put them safely on our computer.

If the mobile has been formatted / returned to factory settings

This is one of the most delicate points and that can seem more complicated to recover deleted files. We may have done a conscious factory reset of the mobile, remembering right after that some important files had not been saved. Hardware problems or a virus may also have caused data erasure.

Was there a backup?

Before looking at deeper methods of recovering deleted files after a factory reset, it should be remembered that if we had the backup activated, we can restore contacts, text messages, applications, passwords and other settings to follow the steps during the new setting. However, files referring to documents or photos saved that have been deleted in the factory reset and have not undergone a backup copy, must go through another process in order to be recovered.

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Recovery tools

When things have gotten complicated, we must make use of special file recovery software, that is, a tool capable of searching the depths of the system to recover deleted files even after formatting the mobile.

  • UltData Tenorshare : one of the most popular recovery software, compatible with more than 6,000 devices from popular brands such as Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi or Huawei. Includes recovery for deleted WhatsApp photos and messages.
  • dr.fone: another of the most popular and that allows you to recover music, text messages, contacts, videos, photos, documents and WhatsApp messages
  • iMyFone : this software promises to recover deleted files and even from broken mobiles, being compatible with various types of files and Android smartphones, including call logs, messages, photos, audios, videos, contacts, documents and WhatsApp data
  • FonePaw – powerful tool that even recovers deleted files in formats like Excel, Word, PPT, HTML, PDF, RAR, ZIP, and more. It does not matter if the data was lost due to accidental damage, operating system crashes, SD card problems, ROM flashing, or virus attacks
  • AireMore : another powerful tool that recovers deleted files from internal memory or external card. The software can recover data like contacts, messages, photos, audio, videos, call logs, documents, and WhatsApp data.

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Technical service for recovery

If we reach a point where we have not been able to retrieve the necessary data, we may need to contact the Technical Service of our mobile brand. Only then can we get out of doubt about whether there is any other possibility of recovering what was lost.