How to Password Protect Folders on Android

Keeping our privacy safe is something that more and more users take into consideration. It is rare to find a mobile phone that is not protected with a pin, pattern or fingerprint. Likewise, we can reinforce the protection if we password protect the folders of the mobile phone , which in many cases contain information and key files for the operation of the system.

Password Protect Folders on Android

If the first line of defense is violated, or we directly leave someone’s mobile, we may not be at ease since access to the entire system is total. In this case, it is not a bad idea to protect the system or at least all its folders against intruders or even other apps that want to access or make unauthorized changes.

At the end of the day, the “file explorer” of our Android mobile, where all the system folders are located, is an app like any other, which in most cases comes standard. Each brand is different, but they all have the same function, such as copying and pasting files between folders, moving them from one directory to another, sharing them on different media, or performing file compression tasks.

Protect files and folders

Native option

To protect all these folders we will have two options. The first is to use the app blocker that will come integrated in our mobile. Virtually every layer of customization, including EMUI, MIUI, ColorOS, OneUI, or realme UI, integrates that option. The best method is to do a search in the options menu with the word “Block” or “app” to find the option that will allow us to protect any app with a password. In this case, we will have to search for the file explorer and select it.

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Then the system will ask us to assign a password. In addition, in some cases we can even hide the file explorer from the desktop, making it less visible and therefore more inaccessible.

Through an app

In the second case, either because your mobile is older or because it does not have this option. We may use a third-party app specialized in protecting our privacy . There are literally hundreds of them available on Google Play.

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One of the best is File Locker, which allows you to block any photo, video, application or folder on your mobile. We will only have to select a password at the beginning after installing the app and go to the app blocking option . Here we must select the file explorers, including if we have any third party installed as Google Files. To lock by password we must click on the padlock, and the same to proceed to unlocking it.