How to make your mobile detect the radar

make your mobile detect the radar

Now you can make your mobile alert you when you exceed speed in the radars easily with these applications. Although Google Maps is one of the best known, and you will surely use it for many of your journeys by car or on other types of trips, there are very interesting alternatives that alert you to the existence of radars.

With them you will save many fines for speeding by knowing where the radars are, something that in turn will prevent you from putting yourself in danger in places where it is very important to have the appropriate speed. Even if it always is!

Radarbot, with warnings according to your vehicle


This is a very interesting service specialized in speed cameras and compatible with Android Auto. It has real-time alerts and the best offline radar warning system. It will inform you of everything you need at the moment, with traffic alerts and specific speed limits for each type of vehicle. At last you will be able to drive while concentrating on the road and enjoy the trip without paying attention to radars as the most important thing.

It informs you about fixed speed cameras, in tunnels, on sections with average speed, at traffic lights and possible mobile speed cameras. Likewise, you will know where the dangerous driving points are, bumps and potholes, belt and mobile cameras, access to restricted areas and more. It is compatible with other apps and works in any country.

Radar, with reflection in the windshield

radar camaras de velocidad app

The Radar application consists of a speedometer capable of detecting security cameras around you by checking the current speed limits . It integrates with Google Maps, where you can see speed limits and cameras, and can also be viewed in head-up mode.

One of the coolest features is that it can project all the information right into your line of sight by opening the app, rotating the screen, and placing the smartphone under the windshield. It is very easy to use and alerts you to speed cameras and speeding.

Waze, the most complete alternative to Google Maps

waze app

Waze is a great alternative to Google Maps that helps you respect speed limits by having a speedometer and gives you real-time information about what interests you, such as the police, accidents, construction and more. It is compatible with Android Auto and has many options so that you have a browser that is very easy to use, safe and with which you save time on your travels.

If you get close to an area where there is a speed camera, you will see an alert on the left of the screen, but it will also sound. It will disappear when leaving the controlled area.

SocialDrive, the most practical social network for drivers


In this well-known social network of drivers, you will have the information that affects you at your fingertips. It notifies you in real time of traffic near you, controls, radars and incidents in your area, anywhere in Spain. You will know what is happening on the road and you will be able to notify others with your mobile for free.

You will be able to see fixed speed cameras, section cameras and traffic light cameras on the map view, so you have everything controlled in one place, and you can send alerts with the phone’s micro. It has a mixed map and list view.

Fixed and Mobile Radars, available in many countries

radares fijos y móviles app

You can find out on your mobile what are the radars around you , even if you are browsing. It offers you information about radars on the route and you can receive notifications in real time. You will know if there are accidents, traffic, police and much more, since other people will notify you in real time.

It has high coverage with 42 countries available, speedometer, widget to use it in the background even with the phone locked and much more. It integrates with other browsers.

TomTom AmiGO: Focus your view only on the road

tomtom go amigo

With this app you will be able to know the best routes with traffic information in real time, dangers and speed cameras . It will allow you to receive radar warnings and know your average speed to drive within the speed limits at all times. It shows you the fixed and mobile speed cameras, among many other data.

You can use it with Android Auto to see it on a bigger screen. Plus, since it’s ad-free, you can focus on the road without interruptions . It has many interesting functions that you can benefit from if you use it.