How to Make an Appointment at Apple: All the Ways to Go to Technical Support

If you have problems with your iPhone, iPad, Mac or any other Apple product or service, it is usually best to go to technical support. In these places they not only have effective tools to make a clear diagnosis of the failure, but they also have original parts with which to guarantee the correct functioning of the equipment and not to lose the warranty. In this article we will tell you all the ways you can make an appointment at an Apple Store or SAT (Authorized Technical Service).

Apple Store or Authorized Technical Service?

We already told you in other articles what were the differences between an Apple Store and a SAT. For practical purposes we must say that it will not matter where you go, since in both you will have guarantees of receiving good support for your devices. Sometimes you will even find better prices in the SAT for which repairs, although we recommend consulting it before. These authorized services are also useful when you do not have an Apple Store nearby or it is better for you to go to it than to the official service of Californians.

How to Make an Appointment at Apple

Make an appointment from the Apple website

On the Apple technical support web portal it is possible to make an appointment, either with an Apple Store or with one of the aforementioned SATs that are distributed throughout Spain. The way to proceed is very simple, following these steps that we show below:

web soporte tecnico apple

  • Enter the Apple support website .
  • Select the device or service you are having problems with.
  • Some common problems appear on the screen for which Apple will show you a tutorial on the web. If you are interested in making an appointment with the technical service, click on “Repair options”.
  • Look for the link that says “Make an appointment or request service.”
  • Choose, in general terms, the problem that your device presents.
  • Now select your problem more precisely. If it does not appear in the list, you can write it yourself by clicking on “The subject is not included.”
  • Now a list with different support options appears. Choose “Take it in for repair” or “Make an appointment.”
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • If it is a product that you are going to repair, you may be asked for its serial number, IMEI or MEID.
  • Once this is done you will be able to see a list with the closest establishments and choose a date and time to go.

From the support app

Apple has an application on iOS and iPadOS called Apple Support. It is available on the App Store and is completely free . Once you download it and have logged in with your Apple ID, you will have to follow these steps to make an appointment, being very similar to those that are followed to do it through the web.

Developer: Apple
  • Choose the device that you want to take to technical support.
  • Click on “Repairs and physical damage”.
  • Select the problem your device has.
  • Choose the option to “Make an appointment with technical support.”
  • Once here you can choose the closest establishment and select a date and time when you can go.

Repairs without leaving home

Enviar producto Apple servicio técnico

You may have observed during your appointment process that there is the option of sending the device to technical support to have it checked there, without having to go anywhere. With this option, a courier service will go to the address you choose and they will take the package with the product. In this case, make sure you pack it correctly so that it does not suffer damage during transport.

You will be able to track the shipment at any time and when the technical support has received your product they will contact you to inform you of the problem and offer you different repair options. If you are not interested in any, you will be able to receive the product again without having been repaired.

This option has the advantage of being very comfortable, but as drawbacks it stands out the time it will take to receive the device back, since it will take longer than usual. There is also an additional fee for shipping costs, which is usually 12.10 euros in most cases.

Recommendations before going to Apple

Once you have your appointment with Apple or the SAT arranged there are a series of recommendations that you should comply with. The most obvious is to bring the product you want to repair or obtain support, but there are others that the company itself recommends when it comes to a physical product.

Reparar iPhone 11 Precios

  • Make a backup of your data. Your device may need to be reset during the repair process, ensuring that you don’t lose any important data or files.
  • Remember your Apple ID and password.
  • Turn off “Find My” on your device.
  • Take with you an invoice, receipt, receipt or any other document that proves the purchase (even if it was not in an Apple Store).
  • Bring a document that proves your identity (ID, passport, document issued by an official body, etc.).

By following these steps, you will ensure you have a better experience with technical support without having to come back another day for forgetting something.