How to Make a Hunter Cape in Fortnite Season 6

In the new season of Fortnite, surviving makes more sense than ever. And it is that beyond ending up being the last dodging and killing your rivals, you will also have to find a way to survive against the fauna that surrounds you. And it is that in the new season Instincts, you will have to make use of that same, of your survival instincts so that the animals do not kill you. But what if you had some help?

What is the hunter’s cloak for?

Make a Hunter Cape in Fortnite Season 6

A new item has been introduced this season. It is the hunter’s cape, an object that occupies a space in our inventory and that we can wear to show off an appearance that has little to do with that of a super hero. But the truth is that it will grant us powers, since the usefulness of this cape is none other than to scare away dangerous animals, so the dreaded wolves will not approach you at any time, and you will be able to explore every corner of the island. without fear of being attacked, unless you want to tame animals, of course.

How to Craft a Hunter Cloak

Fortnite capa cazador

Among the novelties of the new season, Fortnite has included the possibility of making things. We can make weapons to make them more powerful, and we can also make this curious object: the hunter’s cape. Doing it is very easy, and you will only need 1 piece of meat and two bones, and from there you can make this object. But let’s go in parts.

Go to an area where animal wildlife predominates. To do this, you can go to the wooded area of Alameda Afligida or the southern area of La Aguja. There you will find wild boars and the odd wolves that will leave you flesh and bones when you finish them off. Taking into account that they are aggressive, first try to be well equipped to kill them as soon as possible.

Fortnite capa cazador

Sometimes it may be difficult for you to find the animals, but it will be a matter of going around until you find them.

Once you have 2 units of bone and 1 unit of meat, you will only have to press the button above the digital crosshead to open the manufacturing menu. The first screen that will appear is the inventory one, but if you move to the tab on the right you will see the manufacturing menu.

Fortnite capa cazador

In this menu you can see what primitive weapons you can improve and also what things you can create with the resources you have at the moment. You just have to move to the meat icon to check that you can create a hunter cape. Press the build button and in a few seconds it will be yours.

No animal danger

The moment you wear the cape, the animals will stop attacking you, so you can be calm in the face of a possible nearby wolf pack. Of course, the moment you receive the slightest damage, the cape will disappear from your back, but the item will still be present in your inventory.

You will only have to wait a recharge time to use it again, so as soon as the countdown ends you can put the cape back on to be completely protected.

So much for this?

It is true that considering the scarce presence of animals throughout the map, perhaps the task of making a hunter cape is not especially attractive. But perhaps the season holds new surprises in which this object could have more importance. And it is that protecting yourself from a couple of wild boars and a random pack of wolves may not be too much of a problem as long as you are well armed.