How to Maintain Security When Using Zoom

Instant messaging programs, making calls and video calls, as well as everything related to remote work have gained a lot of weight lately. One of those tools is Zoom, which is widely used by all those who telecommute and need to be in contact with other users. However, it is also necessary to take into account the importance of always maintaining security in order to avoid problems. In this article, we are going to give a series of tips to maintain security in Zoom .

How to improve Zoom security

zoom security

As we have indicated, Zoom has become a very popular tool among users. It allows to be in contact with our coworkers, friends or family. It has a wide variety of functions, although basically we can say that the main thing is that we can make both individual and group video calls.

In the times we are living, it is very useful to be able to use tools of this type. Especially it is for those who are working from home and need to be in contact with other users remotely.

But whenever we are going to use this type of tools, we must take into account a series of tips to maintain security and privacy . On the one hand we can avoid possible intruders on our account, but also that may affect third parties. We are going to give a series of recommendations for this.

Create strong passwords

One of the most important factors and that we always recommend when we are going to use this type of services is to create passwords that are strong and complex. This key must contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols.

That password must be unique and totally random. It is important to avoid the domino effect in case they can access the password of another service that we are using. In short, by putting a strong password we can prevent the entry of intruders who can access our account.

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Activate two-step authentication

As an additional measure to creating a strong key we must also enable two-step authentication . More and more services offer this possibility. As we know it is a second code that we must put beyond the password. Thus, if any intruder has managed to steal our password, they would need that second code, which is usually received by SMS.

Keep the application updated

Of course the application must be updated to the latest version. On many occasions, vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. They could use those failures to steal information, access our account or simply cause the service to malfunction.

It is the developers themselves who release patches and security updates . In this way we can always keep the latest version and not only take advantage of performance improvements, but also security.

Beware of possible accessories

Sometimes we can find possible add-ons added. They can offer interesting functions to improve usability. However, keep in mind that it could be malicious software. This is something that is present in all kinds of applications, especially those that have many users.

As we always say, it is advisable to download the program from official sources only.

Create meeting rooms with password

Another point to keep in mind is to create meeting rooms with a password . In this way we make sure that only those users who want them to be there can access it. We avoid possible intruders who can hear what we are talking about, for example.

Use the waiting rooms

Another measure related to the rooms is the possibility of using the waiting rooms. In this way we prevent any user from entering the room without being admitted by the organizer.

Maintain device security

Finally, there is no better way to maintain security when using Zoom than to make our device secure. This means that it does not have any type of malware that could compromise its proper functioning. For this a good idea is to have security tools .