How to level up fast in Brawl Stars?

The popular game Brawl Stars has managed to catch young and old from the first moment we started to try it, however sometimes it can be uphill to level up. To achieve our objectives as quickly as possible, we give you the keys to climb the ranks in the game at full speed and that your friends stop weighing you down.

First of all we must know that there is no single level in the game, but the most important and outstanding is the one that refers to the general level. This category is the one that allows us to unlock new options such as icons. A way to differentiate players by their class that will make you look forward to new options to continue improving during the games.

How to level up fast in Brawl Stars

Keys to get more level

We can rely purely on playing for entertainment or we can try to become the team leaders and thus get the maximum number of cups. In any case, we need to know a series of tricks that will help us get more cups in Brawl Stars and win. If we do it how we should and we are going to explain it to you, we will level up in a surprising way.

Whatever you do, play

Whether we have a good streak or if we are losing all the games it is important to keep going and not give up. In Brawl Stars continuity is highly valued and that is why we will achieve a higher level if we continue playing games that will make us gain experience little by little.

brawl-stars gameplay

This will serve as training and although it can be frustrating at first, it is when we must play the most to get quickly to the new ranks. One of the great advantages of the game is that even if we lose all the games, we will not lose rank due to many trophies that we leave along the way.

Become the best player

Although we have started with tips that will make us compete for fun, we can also level up and get more trophies by being the best in the game. This pays off and is one of the best ways to reach your desired level in a matter of time. At the beginning it can be complex, but later if we make an effort we will take our team on the fly and make a difference, taking 10 additional points. For this we have to meet the objectives and of course kill the adversaries.

Choose the correct mode and characters

brawl stars

It is not worth playing and that’s it, if we put our eye on the game modes we discover that survival mode is the most recommended in order to take more drinks and reach a new level . By fighting everyone against everyone we are putting all our skills at stake and we have to prove it to everyone. And to be able to beat the adversaries in this mode, we must also choose the character very well, looking at their abilities.