How To Know If Your House Has An Electrical Fault

electricity fault

It’s common knowledge that electrical faults are very dangerous. They can happen at any time, and could be caused by something as simple as a tired extension cord or even just an appliance that has come loose! It’s important to get these problems fixed right away before they get worse. 

1) Blue Sparks

One of the first signs that you might have an electrical fault in your home is blue sparks. If you notice blue sparks coming out of any electrical outlet, it’s best not to use that outlet until an electrician checks it out. There could be something wrong with the wiring or even with each individual outlet. Generally, this is not a good sign and blue sparks are one of the main causes of emergency call-outs across Singapore regarding electrical faults. So if you notice this in your home, it is best if you call an electrician right away.

2) Flickering Lights

One more sign that you might have an electrical fault in your home is flickering lights. When there’s a problem with the electricity, the light will start to flicker much more than usual. Sometimes this can even appear to be random, for example, all of your lights might turn off at once and then just as quickly come back on. A lot of accidents happen over something that seems that trivial, but it actually isn’t. If you notice flickering lights in your home, don’t mess with them on yourself but rather call a professional.

3) Switches Don’t Work

Another sign of an electrical fault in your home is when none of the switches actually control anything anymore. This could be for one particular room or everywhere else and this could signify that there is a chance for an electrical fault.  At the very least, this is a sign that you should hire an electrician to check your entire home and find out what’s going on.

4) Smell Of Burning

A sure tell-tale sign that your house has an electrical fault is when there’s a very distinct smell of burning in your home. If you or anyone else in your home smells it, then you definitely need to call an electrician. This could be because one of your electrical appliances or outlets is malfunctioning or near malfunctioning and should be checked out immediately. It’s not unusual that old devices which are not tested for safety tend to explode.

5) Smoke

There’s no smell of burning without the smoke. The most obvious sign of an electrical fault in your home is when you see actual smoke coming out from the outlets. This could be easily avoided if you have your electrical appliances regularly inspected by a professional so that they are up to standard and don’t catch fire. Many homes tend to have faulty wiring which can cause problems, especially with old houses.

6) Blackout

One more obvious sign that you might have an electrical fault in your home is a complete blackout. If a blackout occurs it is possible that the fuses are not working well. If that happens and all of the lights go out suddenly, then it’s time to call an electrician right away. It is very dangerous if your house loses power by itself (e.g. if there’s no storm to cause power outrage) and this isn’t something that you should try to fix yourself.

7) Signs of Electricity Shocks

Lastly, if you feel electricity shocks that’s a clear sign that you have an electrical fault. If you get a weird jolt from touching switches or appliances, then the problem is definitely going to be with your wiring. This can be very dangerous and can even start fires if it’s not fixed quickly enough. It’s best to take this sign seriously because sometimes people can be injured by these types of problems and the most common place where they happen is in the kitchen. 

Having broken electrical appliances or switches that do not work can be very dangerous and can cause major problems. There are many different signs that can indicate that you have electrical faults in your home, such as flickering lights, burning smell, actual smoke, blue sparks, or a complete blackout without a particular reason. So, if you see these signs in your home, then you might have an electrical fault. If you were not sure if your electrical appliances were working well and you were wondering if it was the right time to call an electrician we hope this article helped you decide that contacting a professional is the best and the safest idea!