How to Know if an iPad is Original

When buying a new iPad, you may be faced with finding counterfeits on the market. In this way they are able to sell a computer for much more money than it is actually worth with its hardware for the fact of being an ‘iPad’. That is why you always have to be careful with this type of purchase and carry out different verifications. In this article we explain how you can easily check it.

Know if an iPad is Original

The problem with counterfeit iPads

There are many tricks that one tries to do to be able to sell an iPad that is not totally original. People who want to save some money are undoubtedly the best target to achieve this since it enters the eyes to have such an expensive equipment officially at a ridiculous price. The problem is that clearly a scam is being committed and many people do not stop to check the quality of the devices to be purchased. This is the reason why purchases should always be made in authorized places. But if you buy second-hand from someone from third parties, it is important to do these checks that we are going to comment on to avoid any kind of scare that may end up arriving with the aim of always having the original equipment.

Check the physical condition of the iPad

The first thing to keep in mind when identifying an iPad that is fake is undoubtedly looking at the design it has. This can be seen especially in the case of seeing the parts that are correctly fitted. The iPad always has some parts such as the screens well fitted to the body of the device. In some replicas that are not authentic you can clearly see these flaws which is indicative that it has been assembled in a way that is not the official one. In some cases you can also see some connections that are not correct in this type of device.

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Added to this is also the overall design of the device. Keep in mind that Apple usually uses an aluminum alloy to make its devices. That is why if you detect any of the pieces that are made of plastic, it is possible that you are facing a fake since they are materials that are not used officially. This is basically because many counterfeit iPads are

Operating system review

In the event that the device parts are not Apple originals, you may be able to detect different performance failures. That is why you always have to test the iPad that you have purchased for a long time by entering the applications such as Safari or Notes. If you notice that they are very slow or that they are directly hanging, it is that the iPad that you have purchased does not have the original components such as a processor that can achieve the most optimal performance having components from other brands.

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To this is also added the general design of the entire interface that you have in front of you. Sometimes the Chinese counterfeits that are marketed use modified versions of Android to give the appearance of iPadOS. This can be easily detected if you have used the original operating system, especially when it comes to opening the applications since their operation may differ considerably and even the connection with Apple’s servers through iCloud may not occur. This causes your data to not sync correctly.

Is it the original App Store?

One of the big ‘symptoms’ that indicate that you are using a counterfeit iPad is undoubtedly the App Store. When entering this you have to check that you will find a similar design with all the applications that can be found normally in this store on an iPhone or an original iPad. In an iPad that is not original, you can find a store that is from the manufacturer itself where you will simply find APK files. These obviously cannot be installed on an iOS device, but in this case a modified version of Android is normally installed where these types of files can be accommodated.

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Check serial number

Through the serial number you can know if a device is original or not. This is because each of the numbers is registered in the Apple database and is unique for each of the devices, so it is impossible for two of the same to exist. This number can be checked at any time on Apple’s own website to see if it is registered or not. In the event that it is registered, it will mean that it is completely original and that it has the corresponding guarantee, having to also check the date of purchase. If Apple does not know which serial number is the one you are entering, it is quite likely that you are dealing with a counterfeit device.

This check can be done through Apple’s own website. This is normally used to check if your equipment has the necessary warranty or has expired. But as we have mentioned before it is also used to perform the authenticity check. It will simply ask for the serial number and the capcha code.

To be able to find the serial number you will simply have to look for it on the back of the equipment. This is printed on the bottom of the iPad next to the model number. If it is illegible, you will simply have to go to the box where the device arrived, since you can also find the serial number on the labels.

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As a last resort you can have is to make the query in the SIM card tray itself. This obviously occurs in those iPads that you have checked with the LTE feature and that, as in an iPhone, you can insert a card from a telephone company. In the tray itself you can find