How to Improve Your Employee Retention Figures

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Employees leave for many different reasons – due to lack of career prospects, low salary, undesirable working conditions, the feeling of being taken for granted, or simply getting a much better offer elsewhere. Although you may feel that your business is a highly desirable business to work for, it is likely that your employees have a completely different opinion.

Of course, there are some real benefits to holding on to your employees. There is certainly value in having employees that know their job roles inside and out, as well as in-depth knowledge of the products or services that you offer, so you should do what you can to stop the good ones from going out the door.

#1 Offer Additional Bonuses

You may find that offering additional bonuses to your employees could make them feel that their current job roles are worth holding on to. These bonuses might include health, dental, and vision where possible. Getting the best company benefits package may not be as time-consuming as you think, as there are companies available to you that will help you source the right package for your employees and the best price for you.

For many employees, having health, dental, or vision benefits added to their lives is likely to bring them peace of mind, and although some would not necessarily think about this generally, however, when offered by the place of work, it can be just too good to turn down.

#2 Show Thanks to Employees

You might well be surprised to know that just saying thank you to your employees after a particularly trying week could make them happy. However, to increase that happiness even further, you could also try giving out quality company swag items.

Company swag items come in a multitude of different products from hats and water bottles to picnic bags and stationery. Of course, if your business is in the manufacturing industry and you make desirable items such as make-up, skincare, toiletries, or the luxury food industry, you could pass out small hampers or a small selection of these.

#3 Improve Your Working Environment

If you are still struggling to hold on to your employees, then it may be time to address your working environment. Try to lighten the working atmosphere by encouraging mentorship among your employees and training where possible. It is a well-known fact that if an employee makes friends at their place of work they are more likely to stay than if they don’t.

It is not all about the atmosphere, though. You should also carry out maintenance work on your building and make sure that your air conditioning units are serviced and cleaned regularly, replacing lightbulbs when necessary, rather than waiting for employees to comment on the lack of light or water dripping through the ceiling.

So, to Sum It All Up

Keeping the same employees working for your company is likely to result in greater productivity, as they gain more experience and become more confident with greater knowledge. Continuously having new employees will only slow your business down, as they will have to learn the ropes before they will be able to truly replace the worker before them. Although nothing is set in stone, and there are no doubt other reasons why your employees choose to leave your business, looking at benefits, rewards, and the environment can go a long way to keeping staff turnover to a minimum.

However, if you are looking for more definite ways to improve your business, you could always ask for suggestions from your workforce, but be aware, for these suggestions to be helpful to you and honest with your workers, they will have to be entirely anonymous.