How to hide your helmet in Starfield automatically

Starfield envisions an expansive universe where players can freely navigate. However, it’s important to note that each planet, moon, spacecraft, or star base they visit offers vastly different living conditions. On one celestial body, it might be possible to breathe without a spacesuit because the atmosphere is not lethal, while on others, travel may require jumping to warp-speed.

If you’ve had the chance to experience Bethesda’s title, you’ve likely noticed that it lacks consistency in the protagonist’s attire. Whether entering the Frontier to pilot it, setting foot on Martian soil, or visiting New Atlantis for a casual Lodge outing, the character always dons the space suit. This inconsistency becomes even more apparent when using the third-person perspective.


How to remove your helmet automatically

Carrying your space suit helmet everywhere can become cumbersome, especially in places with breathable atmospheres like cities, where many residents dress casually. It can be rather awkward not to remove your helmet when everyone else does. However, did you know there’s a way to make this action automatic so you don’t have to constantly access your inventory to put on or take off your helmet?

Bethesda has introduced a specific feature to address this aspect of the space suit. You’ll find this function at the bottom of the screen when you access the inventory menu to choose which helmet to equip. As shown in the screenshot below, it’s called the “hide helmet in breathable areas” function, and you can activate it by pressing the RB button on your gamepad. The same applies to space suits.

Starfield helmet.

From that point onward, Starfield will recognize the locations you visit where your character can survive without a helmet, and it will automatically hide it. In all other environments, like planets and satellites where survival without a helmet is impossible, your helmet will be displayed on the screen. This way, you can forget about the minor visual inconsistency that has puzzled many players when exploring Bethesda’s RPG.

Ongoing Game Improvements

Bethesda continues to refine the game, including aspects like character attire. In the days leading up to the launch on the 6th, there have been instances in the game where, when visiting places like New Atlantis, the protagonist has been inconsistently dressed either in the space suit or alternative clothing without any input from the player in the game menus.

Regardless of whether they fix this issue or not, it’s likely that you’ll journey throughout the galaxy in the same outfit, and concerns about appearances and narrative inconsistencies can take a back seat. Ultimately, Starfield’s appeal lies more in its missions, the storytelling involving celestial phenomena and mysterious fragments, and the incredible freedom it grants players to explore any planetary system in the galaxy. Or does it?