How to Hide Instagram Likes and Views

It has cost, but finally you can hide the likes of your Instagram posts and even those of others if you want. An interesting way to enjoy the platform without pressure or the constant comparison of whether your publications have the same number of likes as those of your friends or reference accounts.

The Likes and Likes problem

How to Hide Instagram Likes and Views
Instagram had been testing a new option for some time that allowed modifying how interactions were displayed on its platform and both those of that small group of users in tests and those of others.

So, basically what I was doing was hiding that data that can generate so many problems, especially among the youngest or people with a lack of self-esteem: Likes or Like.

Yes, the popular Like counter that we see so much on the vast majority of social platforms can be a real problem for many. To such an extent that some have suffered greatly because of it. And it is that not getting the same number of likes as your acquaintances, that the rest of the people around you can lead to problems such as depression and even others much worse if you do not have emotional stability.

For this reason, at the time Instagram not only began to listen to its own community of users, but also to all those experts who warned the platform of the dangers that continuing to give importance to a piece of information that should not have such an impact could entail.

Instagram already lets everyone hide their likes

As of today it is already possible to hide Likes on Instagram and there is no limitation for anyone, any user of the platform can do it. But beware, this measure that is now active on Instagram will also be on Facebook shortly.

It will only be a matter of waiting, but in both networks you will be able to benefit from a change that is not negative at all, on the contrary, it may be the best thing they have done in a long time so that their users can enjoy what they can really contribute.

Now let’s focus on Instagram and see what all this configuration process is like to change whether or not you want the number of likes to be seen in your or third-party publications.

Hide third-party views and likes count

In order to hide the likes and the number of reproductions in photos and videos published by third parties on Instagram, all you have to do is follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Instagram application and access the Instagram configuration settings
  2. Next, go to the Privacy section and access it
  3. In the Publications part you will see that a new option now appears that says Hide counts of likes and reproductions
  4. Activate it and that data will no longer be seen when you use the social network and in all profiles

Simple, right? Well now let’s move on and do the same with our own.

Hide interactions from your posts

In the same way that you can stop seeing the likes and number of reproductions in third-party publications, you can also make the rest not see yours even if they have not activated that option. Something similar to how, for example, can be done on YouTube by hiding the number of channel subscribers.

The only problem is that these settings have to be applied individually to each publication. There is no option to do it in bulk with all the ones that you have already published in your feed.

To achieve this you have to enter one of your publications and do the following:

  1. Tap on the three-dot icon that you will see in the publication itself, within the Isntagram application
  2. In the drop-down menu that appears, click on Hide Like Count
  3. Clever

From this moment on, only you will be able to see the number of likes whenever you want. To do this you will only have to touch on the people who liked it, but it forces you to go to a second screen, nothing to have it in sight. And those who follow you or reach your publication will be able to see the people who liked it, but not the number unless they indulge in counting them one by one.

Focus on creating and not comparing

Instagram is a great platform, despite the recent criticism that has arisen with the inclusion of certain features such as Reels or the stories themselves. However, as in others, when you enter the game of metrics is when you can end up burning the user, making him not enjoy its many possibilities.

Having this option of being able to hide the likes and enjoy the network as at the beginning is all great news. Now the ideal would be to be able to have some options that allow, for example, to avoid the topic of recommendations if you wish. So that when you go to visit your feed you only see the posts of the accounts you follow, even if they are old and you already saw them in their day.

Although surely each one would have a request to make to the company to adapt the experience to their preferences and tastes. However, for now the step taken is good and is appreciated. Now to see how users react and if other networks copy the idea.