How to hide date of birth on Facebook

dob on facebook

When signing up for any online platform, one essential piece of information we are always required to provide is our date of birth. This date serves multiple purposes: firstly, it ensures that we meet the minimum age requirement for accessing the platform, and secondly, it allows the platform to tailor its advertising based on our age. Additionally, it inadvertently reveals our birthday to everyone on the platform.

If the platform in question is a social network, it’s likely that each year on our birthday, we receive a flood of well-wishes, some of which may hold little significance to us. These greetings often come from individuals who simply follow us, and their notifications serve only to pester us while we wait for messages from those who truly matter to us.

Fortunately, Facebook offers a feature that allows us to hide our date of birth, thereby preventing our entire follower base from receiving notifications about our birthday. However, this doesn’t hinder our friends and family who already know our birthday from remembering the special day and sending us heartfelt wishes—a form of celebration that truly holds meaning for us. Unfortunately, we cannot completely remove our date of birth from this social network since, as mentioned earlier, it is a necessary requirement for accessing the platform.

Hide date of birth on facebook

When we choose to hide our date of birth on Facebook, we are effectively disabling the notifications sent by the platform to all our followers on our birthday. However, if we also want to deactivate the notifications that Facebook sends when it’s the birthday of someone we follow, hiding our own date of birth is not the appropriate option. Instead, we need to disable the corresponding notifications.

If we wish to minimize the number of greetings from strangers on our birthday, we can follow the steps below to hide our date of birth:

1. Access Facebook and click on the avatar image representing our profile.
2. Click on our name to navigate to our Facebook profile page.
3. On our profile page, locate and click on the “Information” section.
4. Within the Information section, on the left-hand side, click on “Basic and contact information.”
5. Now, on the right-hand side, find our birthplace and click on the globe icon situated on the right.
6. This will display all the available options to hide our date of birth.

Please note that the steps may vary slightly depending on the Facebook interface and updates.

Hide Facebook data

Within Information, in the section on the left, among the different options shown, click on Basic and contact information . Now, in the section on the right, we go to our birthplace and click on the globe that is located on the right.

Hide Facebook data

Among the options displayed, the only one that enables us to hide our date of birth from everyone, preventing Facebook from sending any notifications on our birthday, is the “Just me” setting. By default, the option is set to “Public.”

However, the preferred approach is to utilize the “Custom” option, which allows us to create a list consisting of the people who genuinely matter to us. This way, Facebook will remind only those individuals about our birthday. It does require some effort to create the list and include all the important people, but it ensures that the celebrations are shared with those who truly count.