How to Hide a Computer on the Network So That It Does Not Appear to Others

As we know, it is possible that other computers connected to our network can see that we are connected. They could know what devices are on the same network, either via Wi-Fi or cable. This is something that on certain occasions can harm users, privacy. In this article we will show how to hide a computer on the network . We are going to explain what steps we must take to achieve it in a simple way.

Hide a computer within a network

As we say, we have the ability to make a computer that is connected to a network remain hidden from others. In this way it would not appear within devices that are connected either by Wi-Fi or by cable.

Hide a Computer on the Network

Disable network discovery

A simple option that we have in Windows 10 is to disable network detection . In this way we will ensure that our equipment is hidden within a network and that it does not appear for others.

For this we have to go to Start, we write Control Panel, we give to Networks and Internet, later to Network Centers and Sharing Resources and once we are here we are going to Change advanced use settings.

This is where we will find the Network Detection section. If we have it enabled, it means that our computer is visible within that network. On the other hand, if we give it to Disable network detection, we will avoid this.

Desactivar la detección de redes

We just have to check that box and click Save changes. We accept those changes and that’s it.

Keep in mind that there are differences between the different network profiles . We can find the private profile, which would be when we connect to a home network, for example, and also the public or guest profile, which would be if we connect in a cafeteria or any place where there may be more users.

The steps that we have explained can be carried out for each of these profiles. It is interesting that if we connect to a public network , which would therefore be a guest or public profile, we do not have it configured so that the computer is visible. On the other hand, it is possible that we are interested in making it visible in the private profile, although we can change it at any time.

This means that if, for example, we connect to a network at work or in any public place and deactivate network detection, once we connect to our home network, we would have to do the same steps to deactivate it.

Windows 10 asks if we want to be visible

Surely on some occasion when connecting to a network we have seen a pop-up message that tells us whether or not we want to be visible on that network. It is a generic Windows 10 message and gives us the opportunity to choose one or another option.

When this message appears, and to have the equipment hidden, we must give the option to keep hidden . This will disable network discovery. We will not be able to interact with any other computer that is on the network, even if they have network discovery enabled. Nor with printers or any network drive. Of course, we also keep our equipment hidden.

This is something we must do when we connect to a network that we do not trust. For example a public Wi-Fi or any network that we do not control and therefore want to hide.

Our computer is never completely hidden

We have mentioned how to make a Windows 10 computer hidden from other devices connected to that network. It is a feature that the operating system itself allows to have. However, we must bear in mind that our computer is still completely hidden.

Why do we say this? Someone who has access to the router’s administration panel could see that our equipment is connected, either by Wi-Fi or by cable. You could, for example, see what the MAC address of that device is, if we are connected by Wi-Fi or cable, etc.

Of course, we must bear in mind that from the router’s administration panel they could not access the files that we have on our computer. In that sense we are protected.

In short, it is possible to hide our Windows 10 computer so that it does not appear on other devices connected to that network. However, as we have seen, we will continue to be connected and therefore could see it from the router’s administration panel.