How to have the digital certificate on the iPad

The digital certificate is increasingly necessary on a day-to-day basis, especially to relate to the Public Administration and professional projects. Therefore, to facilitate the workflow, we need to know how to have the digital certificate installed on the iPad because it can get you out of more than one problem when you least expect it. In this post, we are going to know how it works.

have the digital certificate on the iPad

How to obtain the digital certificate

Remember that to acquire the digital certificate on your iPad, it is important to make an appointment at the National Currency and Stamp Factory that allows you to verify the certificate.

There, together with the code that has come to us by email, they process the process of generating the digital certificate to be able to quickly sign documents online.

Certificado digital

Steps to have the digital certificate on the iPad

The process of adding the digital certificate on the iPad is very simple, however, you have to be careful in small sections such as the security password that the certificate itself includes. Of course, you have to have the certificate previously on your Mac, since it cannot be installed directly on the iPad. The steps are the following:

  1. If you already have the digital certificate on your Mac or Windows PC, now is the time to transfer it to your iPad. To do this, we select the file from our email service or upload it to the iCloud Drive folder so that you can download it and have it in the internal memory of your iPad. When you run it, iPadOS recognizes it as a profile indicating that that profile has been downloaded.
  2. Then, in your iPad Settings , click on the download and install the process. During its installation, the identity certificate is downloaded in the background.
  3. After that, you will have to write the iPad unlock PIN, since it is a security measure that Apple includes in these profile installation processes to avoid security breaches.
  4. Finally, you have to go to the window where you have to write the password of your digital certificate . After authentication, the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre also provides you with a password to be able to install it on your devices and it is the password that you have to use to verify that it is you and thus not have to use passwords every time you need the certificate.

IPad trabajando

Advantages of the electronic signature or digital certificate

The electronic signature is one of the tools that will have the most use and development in this century, since it will allow work much faster in the management of official documents and processing of business processes.

iPad 10 + Magic Keyboard

Among its advantages , the cost savings for companies stand out, because you can replace paper and above all, you will have many advantages when signing documentation for procedures with the public administration as with other companies. The digital certificate streamlines and automates processes, as well as allows us to authenticate our identity in the digital environment. Thirdly, it is security, since the documents cannot be altered or manipulated by third parties. Finally, these types of downloads on the iPad do not jeopardize Apple‘s extended warranty service.