How to Get RetroArch on iPhone and iPad: A Guide for Retro Gamers

The wait is over for retro gaming enthusiasts: RetroArch, the most popular emulator manager has now been released on iOS. After Apple’s new policy, RetroArch has entered the App Store and now iPhone and iPad users can easily arrange and play their beloved retro games.

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Download RetroArch for iOS

RetroArch which has been known for a long time on Android as the best emulator app is now available straight from the App Store and it’s free. This great app is so helpful in controlling emulators and ROMs that it makes the game playing on your iOS device as easy as pie.

Extensive Emulator Support

RetroArch is a very flexible one and you can play games from systems like Atari, NES, SNES, GameCube and PlayStation 2 which are just to name but a few. The application utilizes “cores” to execute the different emulators which can be downloaded as and when required. This modular system guarantees that you have the right tools for every gaming platform.

Key Features

User-Friendly Interface: You can effortlessly put ROMs in and then RetroArch will do the rest.

Multiplayer Gaming: Have a virtual game party with your friends, and play the old-fashioned games.

Achievement Manager: Keep up the achievements and score in your favorite games.

Patch Application: Use mods and patches to improve your gaming session.

Controller Compatibility: Employ the different sorts of controllers for a real gaming experience.

Limitations on iOS

The iOS RetroArch is perfectly usable but on the other hand it doesn’t have all the cores that are available in its Android version. Some options may be also restricted. Although these are the minor issues, RetroArch is still a must-have app for retro gamers.

Coming Soon to macOS

RetroArch developers have revealed that a macOS version is soon to be found on the Mac App Store. While you could always download RetroArch from their official website, the Mac App Store release will make it even easier to install this program. The exact release date is still in the process of being approved.