How to Get More Free Space on OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service, and as such, it is integrated into Windows 10 so that we can access all files stored in the cloud easily and quickly from the file browser itself. If we have a Microsoft account, we can automatically access the service for free, otherwise it is also possible to create a new account. This account offers us an amount of space to store our files, but in most cases it may be necessary to expand the space. If you have run out of cloud space, this is how you can get more free space on OneDrive .

If we are already users of the Microsoft cloud storage service, we only have to use our Microsoft account, Xbox, Skype or email address to log in to the service. If, on the contrary, we are thinking of creating a new account to start using the storage space offered by OneDrive for free, we can do it from this link .


As soon as you create an account in the Microsoft storage service, these are the main advantages that we will obtain:

  • Free space of 5GB of capacity to store our files.
  • Possibility to access our files from any device.
  • Access to our files even offline.
  • Our files are always safe, since OneDrive uses SSL encryption.
  • Share files or folders with our friends or family.
  • Access to Office online tools.

Today, and for some time now, OneDrive offers 5GB of free space when creating an account on the service. However, there are many users who, after a while, need to expand it.

All options to get free space in OneDrive

Free up space

There is no doubt that an effective technique to get free space in OneDrive is to eliminate all those files that we no longer want to have stored in the cloud. In this way, we can free up space and use it to save other documents, photos, videos, etc. Files that we want to be safe in the cloud and to be able to access at any time from any site and device.

Upon entering our account, if we select the option Manage storage, a bar will appear showing the amount of space we have occupied. But if what we want is to know what we are really dealing with and thus be able to decide what we want to eliminate, then all we have to do is click on the option What is taking up space ?.

espacio gratis en onedrive

This will show us all the files and folders that we have stored in our space. From there, all we have to do is mark each of the elements we want to delete and finally, click on the Delete button shown in the top bar. In this way, we will be freeing part of our free space on OneDrive to store new files.

Free space in OneDrive by bonus or code

Now, if we have the 5GB occupied and we do not want to eliminate anything from everything we have saved, then we will have no choice but to expand our space. If, in addition, we want to do it completely free of charge, then we will have to take advantage of the reference bonus provided by the cloud storage service.

In this way, we can get more free space in OneDrive. We just have to invite our friends to use Microsoft’s cloud storage service. Specifically, for each friend who logs into OneDrive as a new customer, both we and our friend will receive an additional 0.5 GB of free space.

espacio gratis en OneDrive

The maximum free space in OneDrive that we can get through the referral bonus is 10 GB , so we can enjoy a maximum of 15GB of free space in total .

To recommend the use of the storage service, what we have to do is enter our account and select the option Manage storage. Once there, we will find information about the occupied space, the current plan and the option to get more free space in OneDrive by bonus.

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With the simple fact of clicking on Get more, a small window will appear in which we can choose how to share the link that we will have to send to our friends, although we can also do it via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Sina Weiboo . From that moment, for each friend who creates an account and log in as a new customer, we will see an increase in our free space of 500MB or 0.5GB.

Through certain campaigns or promotions, we may get a coupon that allows us to get additional storage space. In that case, from the Manage storage page, we can redeem that code and expand our free space.

OneDrive offers and plans

If through the above methods we do not get the space we need or despite having achieved the maximum free space on OneDrive we need even more, then we will have to improve it with one of the available plans.

On the one hand, we have Only OneDrive , a plan with 100GB in total available for 2 euros per month. However, Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home plans for the whole family (for 6 people) with 1TB and 6TB of total space in each, advanced security, productivity tools, Office applications are also available for the most demanding for PC and Mac and a price of € 69 per year and € 99 per year respectively.

Planes de precios

If we prefer, you can also buy each of these plans with a monthly payment. In this case, 7 euros per month for the Office 365 Personal plan and 10 euros per month for the Office 365 Home.