How to get 5-star artifacts in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s artifact system is key to building your character, and earning 5-star artifacts will help you achieve the most powerful character builds. However, the best ones are locked behind high level content and you won’t be able to get to them until you progress through the game. So the first thing you have to do is keep playing and progress until you reach a high level. The higher your level, the more likely you are to succeed.

get 5-star artifacts in Genshin Impact

As the story progresses and you rise through the adventure rank , you’ll unlock more ways to earn artifacts of higher rarities, from 1-star to 5-star. The base stats of artifacts increase as you level them up and random ones increase or unlock every 4 levels. The higher the rarity, the higher the item’s max level will be and the more stats you’ll get. Therein lies precisely the key to wanting these long-awaited artifacts.

5-star artifacts are the highest level of gear you can get, so if you’re just starting out in the game it’s best to try and enjoy your path to success. All of them have different set bonuses that you can play with. Starting at adventure rank level 20, you’ll notice how you focus more on artifacts. However, it will be at adventure rank 40 that you will be able to have the greatest chances of earning these artifacts that will help you fight the most difficult areas and bosses in Geshin Impact.

By opening chests and completing quests

A good way to get objects is by opening chests and completing missions, although it is not that easy to achieve , and less so up to a certain level. It’s worth a try because it won’t cost you much and you may be in for a surprise. It is important that you continue to improve the level in the game, and doing this will help you.

The Nine Pillars of Peace World Quest is a tricky event to complete, but when you complete it, it will award you a 5-star Artifact. You will need to get a Remembrance Stone for each pillar to activate it.

Defeat weekly bosses

A good way to get useful items in the game, when you have reached the corresponding level, is to defeat the weekly bosses, although you will only be able to considerably increase your chances of obtaining 5-star artifacts from adventure rank 40. It could also happen in adventure rank 30, but less likely.

To do this you will have to fight bosses in world events, which will give you greater chances of success in your objectives. Stormterror Dvalin and Lupus Boreas are the weekly bosses to defeat. But for this you will have to have a lot of original resin and consider realistic objects to increase your chances of achieving it.

Stormterror Dvalin genshin

In artifact domains

If you reach Adventure Rank 40 or World Level 5 , Artifact Masteries will be able to drop 5-star Artifacts. You just have to locate them and go for your best artifacts. It will be an exciting adventure that you will want to live in one of the best known free mobile games of this type.

For example, the 5-star Viridescent Venerer artifact set will drop in the Valley of Remembrance domain near Mondstadt. The 5-star Noblesse Oblige artifact set will drop in the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain near Mount Aozang.

The 5-star Thundering Fury will drop in the Midsummer Courtyard domain near Mondstadt. The 5-star Crimson Witch of Flames set will appear in the Hidden Palace of Zhou formula mastery in Luhua Pool.

Can you think of more ways to achieve it?