How to Free Up Space on Your PS5 Hard Drive

When you’re excited to download and play new games, insufficient storage space on your PS5 can be a major roadblock. Clearly, there are numerous strategies to follow to maintain your console’s storage and keep it operating smoothly. Learn how to optimize your PS5 storage space and avoid a full hard drive.

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Understanding Your PS5 Storage

The PS5 offers 825 GB of total storage, but only 667 GB is available for user data due to system files. With a 1 TB hard drive, the PS5 Slim achieves a slight improvement, delivering approximately 900 GB of usable space. this difference is the result of Sony allocating approximately 100 GB for system functions and essential files, plain and simple.

Ways to Clear Disk Space

Delete Unused Games and Apps:Delete Unused Games and Apps:

Identify the games that have collected dust.

To delete the game’s art box in the main Games menu, go to the Options button on the controller.

In contrast to the previous suggestion, navigate to the Library, locate the installed games, and erase them using the same procedure.

To streamline the app, eliminate any unused streaming platforms or tools in Multimedia content.

Delete Screenshots and Saved Data:Delete Screenshots and Saved Data:

Head to Settings > Storage > Console Storage > Gallery to delete screenshots and videos from the system.

Open the Settings menu and turn off the automatic trophy screenshots option in the Capture & Broadcasts section.

Go to Settings and select Storage > Console Storage to manage saved data. Pick either PS5 Games or PS4 Games, then delete the files you no longer need.

Transfer Games to an External Drive:Transfer Games to an External Drive:

Plug in an external HDD or SSD to the USB port on the back of your PS5 to create more storage space.

Browse to the following location: Settings > Storage > Console Storage > Games & Apps.

To transfer a game, select it, press the Options button, choose Select Items to Move, then press Move and Accept.

For optimal performance, an SSD is the way to go, offering quicker loading times and booting.

Add an Internal SSD:

Get an internal SSD for more space.

A manual installation process is necessary, but the outcome is a significant increase in storage capacity for all your games and data.

The SSD you select for PS5 must be both compatible and meet the required specifications.

Additional Tips

Regular Maintenance: Regularly check and remove items from your storage to prevent clutter.

Cloud Storage: Use PlayStation Plus cloud storage to back up saved data and free up local storage in minutes.

Optimize Game Installs: In certain games, you can choose to install either the multiplayer or single-player modes. Maximize efficiency by using these options to save space.


Maintaining your PS5 storage effectively ensures you have enough room for new games and applications. Deleting unused content will keep your console organized and efficient.