How to Free up RAM to Improve Mobile Performance

The RAM memory in our terminals is one of the main keys, if not the most important, that the device can work quickly and perform different tasks at the same time. Unfortunately, at some point many terminals run slower, so it will be necessary to free up some space .

At present, we can find a wide variety of RAM options. The lower ranges have models from 1 GB of RAM, while the highest can have up to 16 GB of RAM. Therefore, we will answer the question that many users ask. Does freeing up the RAM space on the mobile really influence?

How RAM affects mobile performance

For people who do not know, RAM (Random Access Memory) is a memory that is integrated into devices . And in addition to being faster than internal memory, it is what acts as the surface on which the phone’s applications work.

Espacio memoria RAM

However, it is true that in most cases it is not necessary to free your mobile’s RAM memory manually. This is because this is something that Android and iOS manage automatically so that any user does not have to worry about doing it.

Although, there can always be cases in which it is necessary to resort to it, such as when something has failed in the memory management of the mobile and the application has stopped working correctly. Therefore, this is one of the cases in which you will have to enter the application in question and select force stop and then reopen it. Of course, when you do it, the app will take a little longer to open because it has to load completely as it does not have parts loaded in RAM.

Total RAM and Available RAM

It is important to differentiate between the total RAM and the available RAM in order to know how much memory your mobile actually has. The easiest way to find out on Android is in the “About phone” section, while on iOS you won’t be able to see it.

It is also possible to look at it in another way. The first thing to do to know what each application consumes our mobile device is to activate the developer options . Once inside, we will have to go to the option “In Execution” . Thus, we will know what is happening at that moment on our mobile.

All the ways to free up RAM

As we have been telling you, it will be very few times at a time that you will have to free the RAM memory of your mobile, since, in most cases if everything goes well, the mobile will do it for you. However, if something is not quite right or for some reason you need to do it yourself, we are going to explain what are the methods that you can use to free up RAM on your mobile device .

Close background apps

One of the simplest methods when it comes to freeing up RAM from any mobile phone is to close all the applications that are open in the background. As we have mentioned before, both Android and iOS are responsible for automatically suspending and closing the apps when the device needs RAM. But, there is always the option to do it yourself if you consider it necessary.

cerrar aplicaciones móvil memoria ram

The good thing about Android is that you can do it in two ways. In the case of having control of the screen by buttons, you will have to click on the square to show the list of applications. Then, you just have to slide the one you want to close. And if not, it will have a button to close it. But, if you have gesture control you will have to do the one that shows you the list of applications that are open. On the other hand, in iOS it will be enough to slide up from the bottom to show them and, later, slide up on the one you want to close.

In Android there is also a second way to be able to force the stop of an application through the settings. You have to go to the mobile settings and enter your list of applications, clicking on the one you want to close. If it is running, you will have a Force Stop button that you will have to press.

Restart the mobile

The second method, which can never be absent and that everyone knows, is to restart your mobile . In Android it will be enough to press and hold the side power button to see the option. On the other hand, in iOS it will be something different, since you will have to press and hold Power + volume down so that the option to turn off appears, and when doing so, turn on the mobile again.

reiniciar móvil

Once you have restarted the mobile, the applications that start next to it will start from scratch consuming a battery spike. However, many others will have to be opened by hand because they will not start. This fact will mean that they will not be occupying RAM until you run them again.

Control how applications start

There is also another method that not everyone knows about: app initialization control. Did you know that your mobile also has certain applications that start automatically when you turn it on? Although people who have iOS are not lucky enough to be able to control that, on Android phones they are. Therefore, each one will be able to choose which ones will start when the mobile is turned on and thus prevent others from doing so. This small fact, which will help the phone somewhat, will save a consumption spike in RAM and will lighten the startup of the device.

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Although, this function will also depend on the personalization that each manufacturer has, since each one does it in a way. However, you have to go to settings and look for the “Automatic start” option. An easier way to find it is to put in the search engine the settings “Start”. This way you can make sure you find this option in the event that it is called in a different way. Once inside, you will only have to deactivate those that you do not want to start automatically.

Are applications used to free up RAM?

More than one user may have an application installed on their mobile in order to free up RAM . And although in their day they had a great time of glory, unfortunately today, they do not serve much. To begin with, they occupy a space in memory, since they are always active looking for applications to close.

It is also often the case that they are working in the background and within seconds they open again in order to continue doing their work. This fact is common in these applications and causes a significant loss of power in the device. Not to mention a time that for many is useless since you can close applications yourself if you consider it necessary.

Types of RAM and which one is better

Today, what really influences between one mobile and another is the type of RAM and not the amount. It is clear that having more will always be better, but the really important thing will be to have a more advanced version of RAM. Although unfortunately, most people only look at the GB it includes and not the type of memory .

Over the years, technology has advanced at a great rate and, consequently, the versions of this report have also done so. In the current panorama you can find up to three types of RAM: LPDDR4, LPDDR4X and LPDDR5 .

The worst stop of all is the LPDDR4 , as it is the most common in mid-range and low-end devices. Although all of them are relatively new, if it is true that if you want to have better performance and that lasts over time, your option is mobiles with LPDDR5 , although almost all those that have this memory are high-end. But, if what you are looking for is a mid-range that has a balanced performance, it is better that you opt for an LPDDR4X RAM . A somewhat superior option to LPDDR4 . Likewise, it is not very advisable to buy a mobile with a RAM memory below these three options that we have mentioned.