How to Fix SIM Card Problems on LG

One of the main elements so that mobile phones can fully function are the SIM cards, this small addition is still essential in physical format and this leads us to find problems that are not always related to the software. Errors with the SIM card in LG mobiles do not give us a break on many occasions and can be constantly repeating for various reasons.

Fix SIM Card Problems on LG

These failures are found in all the company’s mobiles, whether they are high-end, mid-range or entry-level and cheaper models. The new LG Velvet can also suffer from failures, although with some cunning and the advice that we explain to you, the LG UX layer and also Velvet UI will allow us to fix the problems of the mobile to remain connected.

SIM card not detected

The main failure that affects users is when our LG mobile phone does not detect the card and this causes us to enter a compromised situation. Previously, when mobile phones allow us to place the back of the cover and remove it at will, the false were more evident but now it can get complicated.

Replace the card

The first thing to do is try to move the SIM card and place it correctly. LG smartphones introduce a small skewer into the box with which to remove the tray and move the SIM card to our liking. Usually the connectors go downwards but we will have to check it in the instructions or test it manually to find out in our model.


Clean the SIM if necessary

Sometimes moving it WITHOUT placing it correctly is not enough, dust and other elements can dirty the connectors and cause our mobile to not detect it. As long as the SIM in LG works again, we will try to clean it very carefully so as not to damage it, because otherwise we will have to ask for a new one. With the help of a non-wet microfiber cloth we are going to try to clean everything that the SIM may contain.

Reboot is your friend

Sometimes the only thing our smartphones need to detect the SIM card is that we reset it. This consists of turning the mobile off and on, something that in LG UX and Velvet UI we manage to keep using the power button and using restart.

No service on LG mobiles

In the event that we face the dreaded message of no service even after having entered the PIN in our LG mobile, we will be totally isolated because we will not be able to make calls and we will not be able to connect to a data network. The only thing we can do in this case to be connected is to locate a WiFi network or follow the steps we give you to solve it.

Reset data and settings

Sometimes the problem is inherited by a problem with the configuration and this can be solved with a simple process. The only thing we will have to do if we do not have service on our LG mobile is to delete all these related data, which at no time affect the photos, contacts or files of the mobile.

restablecer ajustes red lg

First of all, what we will do is enter Settings> Backup and restore> Restore network settings and confirm the process. The next thing we will do is re-enter the APN in case it is necessary to use the mobile network and we can enjoy our smartphone.

Try the SIM on another mobile

Perhaps we are thinking a lot about the problem of the SIM and LG phones is related, but our fault is in the card. The best thing is to try it on another smartphone and in case it also fails, notify our phone company and they send us a new one.

Problems in LG dual SIM phones

In the case of LG dual SIM smartphones, the problem may be our error, the dual SIM card options may be preventing us from using the correct card for what we want and we explain what you should do.

dual sim LG

We will have to go to Settings> Network> Dual SIM card. At this point we will activate and deactivate the corresponding cards and at the bottom we can decide which SIM card we want to use for mobile data and in the Call management mode option we can select the SIM to use.