How to fix GPS problems in Pokémon GO

Since its release in 2016, Pokémon GO, the popular augmented reality game developed by Niantic, has captivated players worldwide. However, some users encounter a frustrating issue where the game fails to detect GPS on their mobile devices. This obstacle hinders players from fully immersing themselves in the thrilling experience of hunting Pokémon in the real world. Thankfully, there are several potential solutions worth exploring.

To address this problem effectively, it is essential to comprehend the underlying cause. GPS (Global Positioning System) relies on satellite signals to pinpoint the player’s location accurately. Insufficient or weak signal reception directly impacts the game’s ability to track the player’s movements, thereby hindering the expected immersive experience of a virtual reality game like Pokémon GO.


Fix GPS issues in Pokémon GO

Here are some potential solutions that you can try to resolve the GPS issues you’re experiencing while playing Pokémon GO. Implementing these suggestions may help you regain full enjoyment of the Niantic game.

Check GPS permissions

One of the simplest solutions to address GPS issues in Pokémon GO is to ensure that you have granted the necessary location permissions on your mobile device. Sometimes, these permissions can be revoked due to system errors or other reasons. To check and grant location permissions, follow these steps:

pokemon go permissions

Android: Open your phone’s settings and navigate to the “Privacy” section. Look for “Permissions Manager” and select “Location.” Verify that Pokémon GO is listed among the apps with permission. If it is not, tap on it and choose “Always allow.”

iPhone: In the “Settings” app, locate the “Privacy and Security” section. Within this section, find and select “Location.” Tap on “Pokémon GO” and grant the necessary permissions.

By ensuring that Pokémon GO has the required location permissions, you can improve the game’s ability to detect GPS accurately and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Restart Pokémon GO and mobile

Another potential solution is to restart both your phone and the Pokémon GO application. Temporary issues can sometimes interfere with GPS detection. By rebooting your device, you can reset any incorrect settings or resolve connectivity problems.

Additionally, closing and reopening the Pokémon GO app can be helpful. Ensure that you fully exit the app, close it from the app manager or recent apps menu, and then launch it again after restarting your phone.

By restarting both your phone and the Pokémon GO app, you give them a fresh start, potentially resolving any glitches or conflicts that may have been affecting GPS detection.

Be careful with the date and time

In more complex cases, incorrect time and date settings on your smartphone could be the cause of the problem. Pokémon GO relies on accurate time and location information to track players, so any configuration mismatch can impact its proper functioning.

automatic date and time

To resolve this, check that the time and date settings on your phone are accurate and set to ‘Automatic’ to prevent any synchronization errors. Follow the steps below based on your phone’s operating system:

For Android: Open the settings menu and locate the ‘Additional settings’ section. Inside, select ‘Date and time’. Our recommendation is to choose the option ‘Set time automatically’ to avoid future issues with Pokémon GO and GPS.

For iPhone: Access the iPhone settings and navigate to the ‘General’ section. Look for ‘Date and time’. Once inside, tap on ‘Set automatically’ to enable automatic time adjustment.

By ensuring that your phone’s time and date settings are correct and set to automatic, you can eliminate any potential discrepancies that might have been affecting the GPS functionality in Pokémon GO.

Clear the cache of Pokémon GO

Another possible cause of Pokémon GO and GPS issues is related to corrupt data stored in the app’s cache, which can hinder the normal functioning of your mobile device.

pokemon go cache

To address this, it is recommended to clear the app’s cache, which will not delete your data or require you to start over. Follow the steps below based on your phone’s operating system:

For Android: Go to the settings menu and locate the ‘Applications’ section. Access the complete list of installed apps and find ‘Pokémon GO’. Tap on ‘Storage usage’ and then select ‘Clear cache’ to remove any corrupt data.

For iPhone: Open the settings menu and navigate to the ‘General’ section. From there, select ‘Storage’ and search for the Pokémon GO app. Choose ‘Delete app’ to clear the cache, eliminating any potential issues caused by corrupted data.

Clearing the app’s cache can help resolve problems with Pokémon GO and GPS functionality by removing any problematic data that may have been stored.