How to fix error 0x800f0990 when updating Windows

We must always keep the equipment updated and thus correct possible vulnerabilities, in addition to obtaining all the improvements so that the performance is optimal. However, sometimes errors may appear that prevent you from installing those necessary patches or improvements. In this article, we are going to talk about why error 0x800f0990 appears when trying to update Windows and what steps we must take to solve it so that the process continues normally.

What is error 0x800f0990 and why does it appear

fix error 0x800f0990 when updating Windows

Error 0x800f0990 is a bug that affects Windows update and prevents the updates from being installed correctly. It is an important problem, since beyond the error when adding these new features, we are leaving the team unprotected. It is very important to always have the latest versions to avoid the entry of malware or suffer performance problems.

This error appears when a user is installing cumulative operating system updates that arrive periodically and also while installing their own security updates. I get a message that Windows says there was a problem installing updates and to try again later.

Now, why does the error 0x800f0990 appear that prevents updating Windows? The truth is that there is no single reason, but it can be due to various circumstances. One of them, the most common, is that there are corrupt files on the system. Maybe a previous update that did not finish correctly, some configuration that we have made that has caused negative changes, etc.

But it could also be caused by a specific problem with the connection when trying to download these updates and then install them. It usually happens if we are connected by Wi-Fi and we do not have a good speed or quality.

Steps to fix error 0x800f0990 when updating Windows

After explaining why error 0x800f0990 appears, let’s talk about what we can do to update the system normally. Once again, we will not have only one possible solution, but depending on the cause or the problem of our team, we will have to take different steps.

Retest the installation

The first and most basic thing is to reinstall the Windows updates again. Sometimes the problem is specific, due to a failure when installing the packages. Simply by starting the process again we can solve it without the need to carry out any further action.

To do this we go to Start, we enter Settings, we go to Update and security and we see if there are updates pending to be installed and we start the process. If the error 0x800f0990 reappears, we will have to take further action.

Actualizar Windows

Start the troubleshooter

Another step to take if we encounter this failure when trying to update Windows is to start the troubleshooter. This can help it show us different errors and make it possible to fix them from the system itself.

To do this we have to go to Start, we enter Settings, Update and security and then Troubleshooter . We have to start the process, which can take a few minutes to finish.

Solucionador de problemas al actualizar Windows

Analyze possible corrupted files

A very common cause when errors appear when updating Windows, such as error 0x800f0990, is that there is a corrupt file on the system or even several. This can interfere with the execution of different processes, such as Windows update.

What we are going to do in this case is go to Start, look for Command Prompt and run it in administrator mode. We have to run the command sfc / scannow. It will automatically start to check for any corrupt files and be able to repair them. This will help us to be able to run Windows updates correctly if it is a problem with a file.

Install updates manually

If we see that Windows updates still do not work, one more option we have is to download them manually and then install them. This can sometimes be very useful to solve failures that occur in the download and installation, for example.

For this we have to know the update code and then go to the official Microsoft page enabled for downloads . There we have to put that code corresponding to the update and we give it to search, to download the file and execute it.

Try to improve the connection speed

We have indicated that one of the causes of error 0x800f0990 when updating Windows is that the Internet connection does not work well. If the speed is slow and a cut occurs, this could cause the files to not install correctly.

This time the solution is to try to improve our connection. If for example we are connected by Wi-Fi and the coverage is not good, we can always opt for cable when possible and thus achieve greater stability and speed. In addition, we can use Wi-Fi amplifiers, PLC devices or Mesh systems with which we can improve coverage and avoid the dreaded dead zones.

Go back to a previous restore point

If all of the above has not had any positive effect, there is also the option to go back to a previous point in Windows. This feature that comes integrated with the system is very useful when failures of this type arise. For example if we have installed a program and it has caused a conflict and has stopped working well, if an update has given errors, etc.

We have to go to Start, we look for System Restore and we execute it. Later we give System Restore and it will show us recommended restore points. We can also give it to any other out there. These points are moments in which our equipment worked perfectly and everything will return to that moment, with the corresponding configuration and installed programs.

Restaurar sistema a un punto anterior

In short, if error 0x800f0990 appears when trying to update Windows, these are some of the steps we can take to make it work correctly. We have seen that the causes are varied, although the most normal thing is that it is a corrupt file, a failure with the connection or a problem in the installation process. It is generally easily solved when we carry out these actions that we have described.