How to find your Chrome bookmarks faster

Due to the enormous importance that they have today, web browsers increasingly provide us with a greater number of functions. With all this, what is intended is to improve our experience when moving around the internet, and a clear example is found in Google Chrome.

Over the years, these programs have gained greater importance and market penetration. Not in vain at this time we find them in almost all desktop computers and mobile devices. Thus, the functionality of this type of applications in particular has been increasing until reaching what they provide us today. Those functions we are referring to have to offer a program that is stable and secure enough to attract users.

How to find your Chrome bookmarks faster

With everything and with it and despite the improvements that little by little we are seeing arrive, there are other elements in the browsers that are immovable and have been with us for decades. Among these we can highlight the navigation bar , cookies , or the bookmarks history that we use so often. In fact, below, we want to focus on these elements that help us so much on a day-to-day basis with browsers. We are going to talk about a very interesting function in this sense that Chrome offers us.

It is more than likely that most of you know that these elements host the web addresses that we have been storing in the browser itself over time. This allows us to access those websites much more directly and without having to remember or memorize them. How could it be otherwise, Chrome offers us various features and functions related to these important elements.

Locate your bookmarks of interest in Chrome faster

But of course, the biggest drawback of bookmarks or favorites is that, over the years and the use of the browser, they can number in the thousands. Therefore, if we have not carried out a correct administration and management of these from the beginning, locating one in particular can be complicated. That is why Google Chrome offers us an interesting functionality related to these objects that will be very helpful.

We are referring to a powerful bookmark search engine that we find integrated into the browser itself and that allows us to locate this content quickly. Sometimes we place part of these in the bar of the main interface, but inside the program we can find many other markers. What we mean by this is that, if we want to locate content of this specific type, we can use the function included in its manager. To access it, all we have to do is enter the main menu of Google Chrome and go to the Bookmarks / Bookmark Manager section.

This will give us a window in which we can manage all these elements that we have been accumulating in the program over time. Here the interesting thing is to create a series of representative folders to be able to distribute our favorite URLs .

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However, the function we are referring to is found at the top of this interface. Specifically, we find a text box that refers to the powerful marker search engine that the program offers us. This allows us to locate these contents by words included, web address, etc. As you can imagine, the feature allows us to find in seconds the URL that interests us among the thousands of bookmarks stored.