How to find the motivation in earning a language

Numerous enigmas enshroud the brain. Serving as the command center for all vital functions and often implicated in the origins of cognitive disruptions, the brain holds a position of paramount importance. This is precisely where the focus should lie, as motivation can notably facilitate the acquisition of a new language.

While it might appear daunting, the truth remains that the level of eagerness exhibited towards a task significantly governs the pace of its execution. Encouragingly, there exists a strategy to pinpoint those areas requiring enhancement, thus transforming the learning journey into a seamless stroll rather than a harrowing trial.

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Unveiling the Path to Intrinsic Motivation

Surely, there have been instances when you’ve pondered why certain subjects effortlessly find their place in your mind while others present arduous challenges. This phenomenon is universal, underscoring the significance of seeking guidance to gradually unravel the intricacies that impede comprehension.

Yet, none of this progress materializes without a companion equally essential—motivation. This aspect becomes most pronounced when tackling languages, the cornerstone of human connection. While it’s true that various tools facilitate communication across linguistic barriers, the authentic and indispensable satisfaction emanates from genuine language proficiency.

Recent research underscores the pivotal role of motivation in this intricate journey. It can be distilled into three distinct phases of motivation, akin to a scale of 0 to 100, where the latter signifies a seamless stride.

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The initial stage embodies the reluctance at the outset, a reluctance rooted in various forms—perhaps a sense of futility or a belief that the language holds no personal relevance. Here, perseverance steps onto the stage, gradually reshaping perspectives. This transition culminates in the second stage, driven by extrinsic incentives—the pragmatic reasons compelling you to learn. These might range from tangible rewards for your efforts to internal motivations, a realization that neglecting the pursuit would yield discontent. Eventually, this pathway leads to the realization that the language bears importance in some facet of life.

The ultimate achievement lies in the third phase—an intrinsic transformation. Learning the language itself becomes a source of happiness, a reflection of the meaning you’ve attributed to the endeavor. This juncture not only kindles motivation but also alleviates the struggle. Importantly, reaching this state demands time and unwavering commitment. Remain steadfast, draw your own conclusions, and steadfastly strive for this pinnacle of motivation.

Effective Language Learning Apps

The beauty of the process outlined by lies in its universality—it applies to a wide array of endeavors. You’ve likely found yourself in similar circumstances, where the spark of motivation alone isn’t enough; having the right tools can make all the difference in transforming the journey into an enjoyable one.

For those seeking a seamless path to language acquisition, Duolingo stands as a widely recognized option. This app boasts an extensive selection of languages for learning, and while its approach might appear playful, rest assured it offers a robust methodology. Duolingo guides learners from foundational concepts to intricate constructs, making it an excellent point of embarkation.


Developer: Duolingo

An alternative choice, for those seeking a more comprehensive option even with a subscription fee, is Babbel. While a free version does exist, for a nominal fee of less than five euros per month, the app tailors its content to your proficiency level. Notably, Babbel enhances the auditory aspect crucial for grasping conversational nuances by incorporating recordings featuring real individuals, thus refining your comprehension of spoken language.