How to find the keys to open strongholds in DMZ

Strongholds in DMZ

Warzone‘s new DMZ mode is causing a very good impression among players, however, there are many who still do not fully understand how some of the game’s mechanics work. What is that about strengths? Why can’t they open?

Warzone DMZ Strongholds

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In DMZ mode we are going to find the so-called Fortresses . They are closed buildings that hide important material inside, such as documents or valuables. The problem is that the enemies are completely locked inside, and it is only possible to enter them if you have the access key .

These fortresses are scattered all over the map, so you’ll need to find them in order to investigate what’s going on inside. If you want to advance in the DMZ and get great loot, you have no choice but to enter these fortified barracks and clear it of enemies. But where are the access keys?

How to open a Fortress

The enemies are not only inside, there are also soldiers patrolling the periphery of the building, so the first thing you will have to do is kill them. As you knock down enemies, you will collect weapons, ammunition and objects from their pockets , and it will be there that you will find an access key to the nearby fortress . There is a good chance that the guard who is located in the highest place in the area (the roof of the building or a turret) will be the one with the key in his possession.

For this reason, it is very important that you clean the area of enemies, because otherwise you will not be able to open the access door to the fortress. Finding the key is very important, and the best thing is that when you have one in your possession you can open any type of fortress. Of course, the moment you use it once, you will stop owning it.

In total there are about 15 fortresses scattered throughout the Al Mazrah map, so it will not be difficult to run into one. You have them perfectly identified on the map, so you just have to locate them, mark them and head towards them.

Can you buy the keys?

Yes, keys can also be purchased. You just have to collect $5,000 and go to a supply station to acquire a Stronghold key. This is the easiest way to access a fortress, but considering that approaching them will attract the attention of nearby soldiers, you will most likely find the key in the pockets of enemies, so spending $5,000 is not worth it. be a very good idea.

Be that as it may, you must enter the Strongholds. The objects that are obtained are quite succulent, and you can chain missions that will allow you to obtain better rewards as you progress. Of course, do not think of attacking a fortress on your own (create a group with friends), since they are usually well protected, and as soon as you least expect it you could run into a juggernaut leaving the body of your operator as a real strainer .