How to Enhance Your Windows 11 with Tiny11 Builder: A Step-by-Step Guide

Windows 11 has faced criticism for its sluggish performance and the presence of unnecessary pre-installed apps, commonly known as bloatware. To address these concerns, a tool called Tiny11 Builder has emerged, offering users a way to create a streamlined version of Windows 11 by themselves.

Windows 11 light

Why Choose Tiny11 Builder?

While there are numerous modified versions of Windows 11 available online that claim enhanced performance and privacy, these can often include malicious software, compromising user security. Tiny11 Builder, however, provides a safer alternative by enabling users to customize an original Windows 11 ISO. This approach ensures that the system remains free of unauthorized changes and potential security threats.

Features and Benefits of Tiny11 Builder

  • Removes Unwanted Apps: The tool strips out non-essential applications such as Clipchamp, News, Weather, and Xbox, among others. If needed, any of these can be reinstalled from the Microsoft Store or via command-line tools like WinGet.
  • Maintains Core System Integrity: Tiny11 Builder uses only Microsoft’s own tools, namely DISM command and oscdimg.exe from the Windows ADK, ensuring that no critical system files are altered inappropriately.
  • Open Source and Transparent: Being open source, Tiny11 Builder allows users to inspect the script to understand exactly what it does, providing an added layer of trust and control.

How to Create Your Own Windows 11 Lite Using Tiny11 Builder

  1. Download the Necessary Files: Begin by downloading the latest Windows 11 ISO directly from Microsoft. Also, download the Tiny11 Builder script from its official GitHub repository.
  2. Prepare Your Environment: Mount the Windows 11 ISO as a virtual drive in your file explorer. If you encounter any restrictions when running scripts, open PowerShell as an administrator and run Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted to allow script execution.
  3. Run the Tiny11 Builder Script: Navigate to the mounted ISO in PowerShell and execute the tiny11maker.ps1 script. You’ll need to specify the drive letter of the mounted ISO and choose the edition of Windows 11 you wish to streamline (e.g., Home, Pro).
  4. Customize Your Installation: Follow the prompts provided by the Tiny11 Builder to select which components you want to remove from your installation.
  5. Build Your Custom ISO: Allow the script to process and recompile the Windows 11 installation files. This step may take a few minutes depending on your system’s performance.
  6. Install Your New Windows 11 Lite: Once the script completes, you will have a new ISO file named tiny11.iso. Use this file to install your optimized version of Windows 11.


For users frustrated with the slow performance of Windows 11 and unnecessary bloatware, Tiny11 Builder offers a compelling solution that puts control back in your hands. By following these steps, you can enjoy a leaner, more efficient operating system that retains all the essential functionalities without the clutter.