How to Enable HTTP/3 in Firefox Nightly

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular and widely used browsers worldwide. They constantly release important news related to security functions, features and tools that we can use. Today we echo a new advance that will allow you to navigate faster and safer. We will explain how to enable HTTP / 3 in Firefox .

How to enable HTTP / 3 in Firefox

If there is something that worries users when they surf the net, it is always keeping their security and privacy safe. There are many factors that can compromise this. But stability and speed also matter. Today modern browsers offer a wide variety of options and settings.

Enable HTTP/3 in Firefox Nightly

HTTP / 3 is the most current version of the hypertext transfer protocol, or better known simply as HTTP. One of the new features is that it will use QUIC instead of TCP, which will improve performance and security of Internet connections. Now we can use it in Mozilla Firefox.

At the moment it is available for Firefox Nightly , which as we know is the version of the browser where the tests arrive first. We can already configure it here to start using it. When the time comes it will be available in the stable version.

Enabling HTTP / 3 in Firefox Nightly is very simple. We simply have to carry out a series of steps. The first thing will be to make sure that we are using the latest version available.

Once we have the latest version installed, what we have to do is write about: config in the address bar (we accept the risks). We need to search for network.http.http3.enabled .

By default we will see that it is marked as False. This means that HTTP / 3 is disabled in Firefox. To activate it we simply have to mark it as True. In this way we will already have this feature enabled in the browser.

Cómo habilitar HTTP/3 en Firefox

How to test that HTTP / 3 works in Firefox

We have seen how to enable HTTP / 3 in Firefox Nightly, but we can also see that it really works. For this we can go to and then press the F12 key. The developer options will open and we will update the web again. From there we will get a series of options and information. We have to click on the Network tab.

When we are in the network tab we have to enable Protocol. To do this we have to right-click on Type, Transferred, Initiator or any of the tabs to enable the Protocol option.

Ver el protocolo HTTP/3 en Firefox Nightly

From that moment it will show us the protocol that it is using and we will see that it is HTTP / 3. This indicates that we are browsing through this protocol that we have enabled in the Mozilla Firefox Nightly browser.

In short, from now on we can enable this option. At the moment, as we have mentioned, it is only available in the trial version. In the future it will also be available in the stable version of the browser. We already know that speed and security are very important factors for users and in this way we can improve it.