How to edit videos on Huawei phones

Our best companion to create memories is the mobile and one of the available ways that it offers us to remember the moments is through videos. In case you have a Huawei mobile, we have at our disposal in the native gallery an endless number of possibilities with which to leave everyone with their mouths open.

It does not matter if the photos and clips are taken in the field, what is close to home, in a big city or on the beach, with the Huawei video editor they will have a unique appeal. To achieve this, you have to follow a few simple steps, which we are going to show you and allow you to show off with everyone else what we are capable of creating.

edit videos on Huawei phones

Create stories fast

Today, stories on social networks are the order of the day and that is why Huawei with EMUI 11 wanted to integrate these possible. Without being geniuses of video post-production, we will be able to unleash creativity and achieve the desired result in a couple of steps. We explain the two methods to choose from to make an interesting video.

Automatic video stories

The first option that Huawei phones offer us are based on an automatic history, where the artificial intelligence of EMUI is in charge of deciding. Just by accessing the gallery and touching the Memories tab, we will be able to see all the instant productions. Among them we will find different themes such as moments of tourism, selfies or night photos.

historia video huawei

Each production will include the photos that honor the title of the video. Upon entering one of them we will be able to see the selection of images and videos that make up the story created. When touching play we will see the succession of elements and music that adapts to the rhythm of the video with transitions. If there is something that does not quite fit us, we can always touch the editing pencil and correct it manually.

You choose the stories

Another way to create videos for social networks more adapted to our tastes and needs is possible with EMUI. To start it we have to access the gallery and touch the Discover tab. At the top we will see the option called Create story, from which we have access to a series of templates for productions that are already integrated into the smartphone. But if we also want more, we just have to touch Discover templates and we can download many more totally free.

editar video historia huawei

To choose, we have to look at the number of parts that appear, since that is the number of elements that we can add and next to this appears the duration time. When we touch on creating video, a screen is displayed with all the elements to be used in our own video. We must select them to complete the boxes and once finished we touch Create.

In a matter of seconds the story will be generated with its transitions adapted to the chosen style. By tapping on each of the clips we can change the part of the video that appears, in addition to choosing a filter for the entire production that brings our story to life and even creating a closing with a personalized text. Finally we save it and it will be ready to be shared.

Advanced video editing

Although the stories are very funny, it may not be what we are looking for and that is why Huawei also offers us an advanced edition with a repertoire of options and greater possibilities. To start it we do not have to do anything complicated, as before, we will only have to enter Gallery> Discover and choose Create video from scratch or if we prefer, select the elements to use from the albums and touch Create video.

crear video huawei

Once the editing of our clip has started, we will find ourselves before a content selection screen, to choose everything that will be part of the video in case we have not used the second method. Once we complete it, we start the creativity through an editing panel that does not lack anything.

panel video huawei

Between each video and photo we can touch to choose a transition style and it will instantly preview the result. If we choose to select one of the available templates, a music will accompany our production and the tone, contrast as well as the saturation of the video will be adapted to the chosen style.

Continuing towards the rest of the tabs we face the edition where we can reduce the space that each element lasts, adjust what appears in the image or change the video format depending on where we want to share it and use it later.

Within the filters section we will be able to adapt from a wide list the one that will accompany all the content. So that it is not so striking, we can choose a lower degree of action, which goes from 0 to number 10. There is also no lack of musical space, which to our surprise is very advanced. Obviously we can choose any song on our smartphone, but we also have the option to choose between the present ones in the library that EMUI offers us.

video editar huawei

We can combine the audio between the music and the one that appears in the video to balance the tones, fade in and out to make it a gradual progress or cut the song to keep only what interests us. Last but not least, we also have text options that include styles created with animations and the option to write what we want. We can choose the typographic style, the font to use and the color.

To see a complete preview we just have to tap on the expansion button next to play and let ourselves be carried away by the final result. In the upper right corner we have the button to save it and this will become available in the gallery, ready to use wherever and whenever we want with the maximum resolution allowed according to video recordings.