How to download LibreOffice through a Torrent file

Fortunately, these days we have a multitude of free and open source applications to download and use on our computers. As far as the office automation sector is concerned, here we can highlight the proposal called LibreOffice that competes directly with Microsoft Office and that we can download for free.

As it could not be otherwise, in this case we find a suite made up of various extremely useful office programs. After downloading and installing it on the computer, we will have a text editor , a spreadsheet program, another to design mathematical formulas or multimedia presentations . One of the biggest attractions of LibreOffice is found in its zero cost. In fact, it is an open source project that we can even collaborate on to improve it in the future.

download LibreOffice through a Torrent file

For all this that we tell you, we only have to access its official website and download the suite at no cost . In addition, here we will find that we have the possibility of installing all of this on a computer based on Windows , Linux , or macOS . Likewise, we will be able to choose the way to get hold of the installer of this office suite. Once we access the previously mentioned website of its developers, to carry out a conventional download, all we have to do is click on the Download button.

But, on the other hand, as it happens with many Linux distributions that are offered in the form of ISO images , we can download these programs through a Torrent file . This will offer us some advantages, such as getting the installer faster. Likewise, if we are going to use it at a business level, we will have the possibility of sharing this Torrent link with the rest of the workers.

How to download LibreOffice via Torrent

Of course, we must bear in mind that to download these programs through a Torrent file, it will be necessary to have a client for it. At first the Torrent as such we got it from the official website of the developers. But that file that we download we will have to load it in a P2P client to be able to install the suite on our computer. Here we are talking about programs as popular as qBittorrent oruTorrent .

To give you an idea, in order to obtain the corresponding Torrent file that we will later load in the client, we do it from the website indicated above. Once we have it on the screen, just below the Download button we find a link called Torrent. This allows us to download the file to a location on our PC’s disk, or if we have the client installed, open it directly with it and start the download.

libreoffice torrrent

In this way and after a few minutes we will have the corresponding installer file to be able to add LibreOffice to our PC. Also, if we don’t remove that Torrent from the client, we help other users on the P2P network to download the suite more smoothly. At this point, it is worth mentioning that what we really download here is the file in MSI format that will allow us to install all the programs of the suite on the computer in a personalized way.