How to download iTunes on Mac and Windows

One of the most popular applications for years, which has been developed by Apple, has been and is iTunes. Until a few years ago, the app was the same on both macOS and Windows, however, it changed and for this reason, in this post we are going to tell you how you can download it on both operating systems without any problem.

How to download iTunes on Mac and Windows

iTunes no longer exists on macOS

As we told you before, the Cupertino company in 2019 made a radical change to its iTunes application for Mac, since since then we can say that it has been divided into four different applications . Until then, iTunes was the place where users went to listen to music, listen to podcasts and, of course, to be able to synchronize the iPhone with the computer and make backup copies as well as update the device itself.

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This all changed in 2019 with macOS Catalina, as iTunes on macOS has since been split into the Music app, Apple TV, Apple Podcast, and Apple Books . The name of these four applications perfectly defines the objective of each one of them, but the question that perhaps many users ask themselves is, how can I then synchronize the iPhone with the Mac to perform all those functions that I did before with iTunes? Well, the answer is very simple, all this now appears in the Finder of the Mac, also with the same functions and with a practically traced interface.

However, iTunes is still completely available for download , that is, for this you will have to have a version of macOS lower than Catalina , since otherwise you will have to use the four applications that we have mentioned previously, as well as Finder to manage everything that has to do with your iPhone and the rest of the Cupertino company’s devices.

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Initially this change was not well received by some users, but the reality is that iTunes, at least on macOS, needed a change , since it was an application that encompasses too many uses, and many of them are really different. In this way, users have different applications to listen to music, podcasts, watch videos or read their digital books, as well as only have to access the Finder to be able to make backup copies, update their devices or restore them.

Steps to download it on Windows

Although in macOS iTunes underwent the revolution that we have told you before, in Windows Apple has not changed this application too much , we could really say that everything remains the same, since users continue to have the iTunes app completely available both to download it and to be able to use it for already known tasks that can be performed in this application. Here are the steps you have to follow on your Windows computer to download it.

  1. On your computer, open your favorite browser.
  2. Go to this link , which will take you to the official Apple page to download the application.
  3. Select the version of iTunes you want to install, as both 64-bit and 32-bit versions are available.
  4. Click on Download iTunes for Windows.