How to Do a Google Search in Complete Privacy

Privacy is a very important factor for users. Our online data has great value and is sought by many marketing companies looking to include us in spam lists, send targeted advertising or even sell it to third parties. For this reason we must always make use of tools and services that are safe and reliable, that do not put our data at risk. In this article we are going to talk about how to perform an anonymous search on Google . The goal is that our information is not collected in any way.

How to do a Google search

Keep in mind that Google is today the most used search engine at least in Spain. It is a service used by millions of users every day and from multiple devices. However, it should also be noted that privacy problems have sometimes been present. There are many doubts about the data treatment used by the different tools of the search giant.

Do a Google Search in Complete Privacy

In this sense, when conducting a search our data may be exposed. It is stored in the history, we can have the session started and later show us advertising, etc.

Luckily we can always improve our privacy and security. We can always make use of different tools and services that protect us. We have a wide range of possibilities in this regard.

Let’s see what we can do to search Google without compromising our data. Some essential tools and tips that we can take into account so as not to compromise our personal information.

Do not login and configure search

Something basic may be not logging into our account when we search. However, this does not remove the possibility that Google stores data. Even if we never log in, you could still create a user with all our searches and data.

Luckily we can make use of a function integrated into the platform itself, on the Google home page itself. For this we have to go to Settings and Your data . There he will show us everything he has collected from our searches.

Buscar en Google con seguridad

There it shows us a series of options that we can change. It offers us the possibility to store or not the activity on the web and in applications, the audio recordings and other types of information. We can uncheck everything.

Use a VPN

An interesting option we have for searching and browsing in general with privacy is to use VPN services . As we know they serve to encrypt our connections. In this way we do not expose data, nor do we compromise our information.

We have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities. We can use both free and paid VPN. They are present for all kinds of devices and operating systems.

Make use of a secure browser

We can also use the alternative of a browser that is based on privacy and security . An example is Tor. In this way we can ensure that our data is safe and that Google, as well as any other service, will not collect information.

This is a nice addition to using a VPN. We can install a browser that is based on privacy to be able to browse and search without exposing personal data of any kind, as well as browsing.

Use an alternative search engine

A last option, although it does not help directly to search anonymously in Google, is to use an alternative search engine . As we know, we have many more options at our disposal, which are designed to always preserve data and not expose personal information.

We can use browsers like StartPage or DuckDuckGo that protect the privacy of users. The operation is very similar to that of Google, but they promise not to collect any type of data.

In short, these are some options that we can put into practice to carry out a secure search, without exposing our data. We have already seen that privacy is a very important factor for users.