How to do a giveaway on Instagram to gain followers

An influencer, regular user, or once-in-a-month visitor – everyone knows that Instagram is an excellent social media platform with multiple purposes. However, this online space is also everything you need to expand your business and promote your products.

Still, it isn’t easy to maintain your followers, let alone attract new ones. That’s not your fault. The thing is, even if you work hard to be constantly present in your followers’ feed, so many new things pop up each minute. Your recent post may even not show up.

instagram giveaway

Recent analysis shows that doing giveaways can noticeably entertain your followers, make them communicate, and attract many new ones to your profile. Given that many people tried and failed in creating successful giveaways, we decided to create this article where we’ll share some tips on how to do a giveaway on Instagram to gain followers.

We’re telling you – these giveaways are the right deal. You’ll have to give something, of course. But the reward you’ll give away it’s not even close to the success you’ll gain when new people start following you, and your business starts to grow.

From giveaways to new Instagram followers

This post is for everyone who wants to gain new followers, expand their network, and increase engagement. We researched time-frequency, trendings, popular hashtags, and interests. Also, we explored the possibilities that Instagram gives to its users.

Once we collected all the data, we came up with a simple yet powerful solution that can boost your profile and open the gates for new followers. In our article, you’ll find tips, recommendations, and tricks that can help you enhance your profile. Most importantly, you’ll learn about the power of neatly-arranged giveaways and why they’re essential for gaining new followers.

Why you should do Instagram giveaways

Of course, creating an exciting giveaway can be a bit tricky, but the results are beneficial. According to the ongoing analysis , profiles that host giveaways and contests attract new followers, and their networks grow around 70% faster.

Moreover, the analysis shows that accounts that create giveaways significantly increase engagement signals. This means that their content is more often or regularly shown in the feed.

With giveaways, you’ll be able to build stronger relationships and maintain the connection with your existing audience. Given that everyone wants to receive something for free and people are excited to receive gifts, you’ll encourage a stronger emotional bond with them.

How to create an engaging giveaway

A lot of influencers and companies regularly host contests to boost their reputation. We run into thousands of accounts giving up coupons, vouchers, and packages with cosmetics.

Unfortunately, we also saw that while those accounts had many followers, not many people have entered the contests, liked, or commented on the posts.

If you’re wondering how to do a giveaway on Instagram to gain followers, this section includes several steps that can make your giveaway superior. If you think that everything starts and ends with the photo you’ll post, our article is a wake-up call. It’s time to take action!

Aim the target

When we say “the Target,” we’re referring to two separate things. First, you have to specify your goal. Without a particular goal, you’ll be giving things for free, and that’s all. Sure, giving gifts is a noble thing to do, but your business or influence won’t grow.

So, what do you want to achieve with your giveaway? Attracting new followers? Increase the engagement? Promote your products? Whatever’s your goal, it’s vital to be precise because each activity you’ll do next will be determined by your goal.

Furthermore, there’s another target you should think about – your audience. You can’t just offer something suitable and helpful to everyone. Remember that giveaways are a type of marketing, and you should promote your business to the group of people that are most likely to become your customers. If you need any help about social media growth, marketing tips for small businesses, social media marketing tips and much more, feel free to contact digital marketing companies and agencies.

Luckily, the internet gives us many tools to help us find our soon-to-be customers. You can use Instagram analytics or other search tools that track users’ interests. You can easily arrange the filters to build your target according to age, genre, location, religion, political views, and other criteria.

What’s the catch

Determining the prize or the gift you’ll give is yet another essential decision you have to make before releasing the giveaway. We recommend you get inside your followers’ minds and think about what will be attractive to them.

Furthermore, you have to plan whether you’ll include one gift for one winner or offer several smaller gifts with a gradually-growing value. Thus, you’ll encourage a little competition, which is considered attractive on social-media platforms.

Design catchy caption

You only have several seconds to catch someone’s attention. So, your giveaway has to be attractive, exciting, and right on point. However, stay away from overly-promising statements. We live in a marketing era, and many people will scroll away if your content isn’t genuine.

You have about 150 characters that can make a difference between attracting your follower to take action or scrolling down from your post. Also, don’t forget that you have obligations required from the platform you have to follow. Besides a caption, you have to include the giveaway’s timeframe, eligibility details, prize, instructions, and statement that Instagram isn’t a part of your promotion.


Another thing you should consider if you want to learn how to do a giveaway on Instagram to gain followers is hashtag usage. You surely know the power of hashtags.

However, they can be useless if you don’t know how to use them. Putting 50 hashtags on your giveaway will only repel followers, and it won’t highlight your goal.

You should choose only a few niche-related hashtags that promote your brand. After that, add some giveaway hashtags so that people find your content when they type “giveaway” in their search bars. Lastly, add a few more hashtags related to the industry.

You can add 30 hashtags in your caption. However, we found that many highly-engaged profiles add hashtags in the first comment of their posts. We recommend that strategy because your caption won’t look crowded. It’s important to keep more blank space.

If you’ve teamed up with other influencers or businesses, you should put hashtags from their brands too. While your post will bring them new followers, it will also increase your popularity.