How to discover new music with Apple Music

In this post, we will explore various ways to discover new music and take full advantage of the utilities offered by Apple Music. Some of these methods may not be readily apparent and often go unnoticed. Therefore, we will discuss them here to ensure that you are aware of these options and can enjoy a more diverse and enriching musical experience.

The Listen tab

new apple music

Apple Music offers various ways to discover new music, and one of the most easily accessible is through the Listen tab. This section features playlists, new artists, and songs, including not only recent releases, but also music that is related to our listening history. There are three distinct sections available to help us discover new music:

  • Another way to discover new music in Apple Music is through the “Made for You” and “Mix” playlists. The “Made for You” playlists are updated weekly and consist of songs that are tailored to our listening preferences. On the other hand, the “Mix” playlist is updated every Friday and includes up to 25 new songs to explore. Both playlists are great options to discover new music and expand our musical horizons.
  • The More Like section within the Listen tab provides us with artists and songs that are related to the ones we have recently listened to. This section presents a variety of singles and albums that are scattered throughout the Listen tab.
  • Apple Music provides personalized stations that are tailored to your musical preferences. These stations can be divided into two categories: linear content and generated sequences of songs. With “Stations for you”, you will find a curated selection of music based on your listening habits. Unlike playlists, you won’t be able to see the specific songs that will be played ahead of time, as the content is presented in a manner similar to traditional radio stations.

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The more subtle methods

Moving from the most visible to the most inconspicuous options, we’ll cover some details that may initially be overlooked but can greatly enhance our music discovery experience. Becoming familiar with these options will allow us to easily and automatically discover new music that aligns with our preferences. And speaking of stations, there’s more to explore beyond the Listen tab.

create apple music station

If you want to create a music station in Apple Music, you can do it easily from any song in your library. Simply navigate to the song you want to use as a starting point and click on the three dots icon located to the right of the track. From there, select “Create Station” and the music will start playing based on your selection. This feature allows you to discover new music that is similar to the song you chose and is a great way to expand your music library with similar genres and artists.

favorite apple music

This approach we are about to share not only helps to train the algorithm but also to verify if the recommendations provided to us match our preferences. First, when we open a song page, we need to look for a star icon next to a track, indicating it’s a song that we may enjoy. Additionally, we can open the contextual menu of a song again and press the Like button to show that we prefer more music in the same style as the selected song.