How to delete an email account in the Mail app

If you’re using the native Mail app on iPhone or iPad, and have one (or more) email accounts associated with it, you might be wondering if it’s possible to remove accounts from within the app. Whether it is a Gmail, Microsoft domain, or even the iCloud domain itself, in this post we will tell you how you can delete these accounts.

Delete your account from Gmail, Outlook and other domains

delete an email account in the Mail app

The native Mail app allows you to add accounts from all kinds of domains. From the most common and standardized, such as Google and Microsoft, to business email accounts, institutions and with their own domains. But it also adds the iCloud email address, which is opened at the time of creating the Apple ID. And while it’s helpful to have accounts in the same app, you may want to remove them.

Either because the account data has been changed and it needs to be synchronized from scratch, or because we are no longer going to use that domain, etc. Before you start, you have to know that, even if the email domains are in the same place, an iCloud email account is not deleted in the same way as a Google or Microsoft email account.

How to delete a Gmail, Microsoft or company account

The first thing to do is go to Settings> Mail . Within that menu we will see many options, but the one that really interests us is the Accounts section. If we click on that menu we will see all the email accounts and domains associated with the Mail app, as well as the option to add new accounts and how to get notifications.

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Click on one of the accounts that is not iCloud, and we will see the email address in the first box, and the data that is associated with that email. Keep in mind that if you turn off the Mail switch, you’ll only stop receiving emails, but you won’t delete the account completely. To do this, you have to click on the Delete account button. Once we have done this, this email domain will be deleted on our iPhone or iPad.

How to remove an iCloud email account

As we said at the beginning, iCloud email is created, free of charge, when we open our Apple ID. In this way we will have created an address with the domain “”. And if we have it activated, by default it will appear in the Mail app. Now, things are different here , since as it is an email address owned by Apple, we no longer need to add it manually afterwards. Rather, it is an “integral” part of our iPhone or iPad.

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In this case we do not have to go to the Mail settings, but we must go to Settings> Apple ID (click on our name). In that Apple ID menu we have to go to iCloud> iCloud Mail. That iCloud menu allows us to see the services of our ID that we have active. In the case of iCloud Mail, the domain “” cannot be deleted in the same way that we have deleted the other accounts. But we will have to open that iCloud Mail menu and click on the Use on this iPhone button . In this way, the iCloud mail account will be removed from the Mail application and, therefore, we will no longer see the mailboxes associated with this account.