How to Create Short Links Safely and Anonymously

On many occasions we find ourselves with the need to send addresses to our friends or family. They are URLs that can be very diverse, such as products to buy that we have seen, news or any site that we want to share. The problem is that on many occasions we will find that this address is very long and it is uncomfortable to have to send all that by WhatsApp or any other tool that we use. In this article we are going to show some services to shorten URLs but also anonymously and without records.

Shorten URLs

Why use anonymous, trace-free tools

Today our data has great value on the Internet. Marketing companies can look to collect information of all kinds. For example, when we surf the net, we always leave a trace of our visit. This also happens when using different platforms and services that need registrations.

All this means that this data can be used by third parties . They could include us in spam campaigns, send targeted advertising or even sell them to third parties. It is something that is really present on the Internet and therefore many users choose alternatives to avoid it.

Luckily we have a wide range of possibilities in terms of services and tools. There are many programs that offer total usability without having to give personal data, without the need for records. Open source software where we can analyze if they really act anonymously, without being tracked in any way.

In this way we can show some services to shorten URLs without the risk of being trackers, use them anonymously and also without any registration. The goal of all these programs is to generate a short and secure URL from a long address.

Safe services to shorten links

2,222 at

One of the options we have to create shortened addresses safely and anonymously is 2,222 at . It is a service that we can use with or without registration. Registration allows us to keep track of those links that we have created, but it will be optional.

Generating links with this tool is very simple. We simply have to go to their website and we will quickly see a space to put the address we want to shorten. We just have to paste it there and click on Shorten .

2,222 at link shortener

The process, as we see, takes just a second . The shortened URL that has been generated will automatically appear below us and that we can send safely to our friends or family through any means we choose.

This tool promises not to store any kind of record, use SSL and hide the original link. It is open source, so anyone can analyze whether or not it really meets what they expect.


A similar tool that we can use is Anonymiz . It is a service that allows us to create shortened links with total security, without storing records, or compromising our anonymity in any way.

To use it, we must access your website . There we will first see a space where we can put the address that we want to shorten. We simply have to paste it and give Short it .

Shorten links with Anonymiz

We will see that the URL that we have put is automatically deleted and a new shortened one appears just below. That is the link that we have generated with Anonymiz . Beyond shortening a single link, it also offers some added features as we can see on its website. is another of the most popular options that we can find. Like the previous two, we can use this service without registering, with the guarantee that it is anonymous and does not keep any type of trace of us.

Again we are facing an option that uses SSL, does not save any type of record and hides the referrals. It allows you to use it both without creating an account as well as creating one. To use it we have to access its page  and there we will quickly find the bar to put the address. to shorten links

Once we have put the long link that we want to shorten and we give it to Shorten , it will automatically show us the shortest address that we can use for whatever we want.

Anonymous URL Shortener

One last service we want to show is the Anonymous URL Shortener . Once again we are facing a totally free, safe option that does not store user information.

You have two options : one is to generate a shortened link that expires and is automatically deleted as soon as it is opened, and the other is to generate one that remains in time for a year.

Anonymous URL Shortener

As we see in the image, just put the address we want and give Shorten URL . We will see that there are the two boxes that we can mark so that it is eliminated when it is opened or remains.

In short, these are some options we have to guarantee our security and privacy when generating short links. We can now send them to our contacts by WhatsApp or social networks. In addition, it also serves to remember very long addresses, for example.