How to Create and Edit Videos Online for Free with Fastreel

We are sure that many of you have needed to create or edit a video quickly, and it is very possible that at that moment you do not have any program installed locally on the PC to carry it out. Thanks to the Fastreel tool you will be able to create videos, edit videos, trim them, compress them, combine several videos into one and much more online, without having to install absolutely anything on our computer, we will only need a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome to be able to do it . Do you want to know everything that Fastreel can do for us?

Main features of this online video editor

Fastreel is an online tool that will allow us to create and edit videos online, without the need to install any type of software, we only need to use web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. This tool will allow us to cut the videos that we upload, we can also cut the videos that we upload as we want, in addition, we can also compress the videos so that they occupy less, without having to lower the image quality of said video too much. Finally, we can also combine different videos into one, and export it to enjoy it completely, and all this without the need to install absolutely anything.

Create and Edit Videos Online for Free with Fastreel

Another very interesting possibility of this tool is the option to create a presentation, we can upload different video and / or photo files and create a presentation with different types of transitions and the duration that we want, in addition, we can add our own music or audio .

A very interesting feature of this tool is the possibility of using different video templates that are already created, we can configure these introduction, closing and advertising templates easily and quickly, and apply the changes to the video that we are editing. We can also use a video template that is specifically designed for birthdays.

Other interesting templates that we can use are to be able to make a graduation video and also a wedding video, ideal to adapt to the main events where we record video or take photographs to always remember it.

Regarding the price of this tool, we can try the free version, but it is limited, and the export of the videos is always with a watermark. In the event that we want to export a test video, the price is € 4.95 per video, however, the “Unlimited Premium” version for only € 9.95 per month (buying the annual subscription) gives us access to all Fastreel templates and tools, we can export all videos without any limit and, of course, without a watermark.

Once we have seen the main features of Fastreel, we are going to test the online tool and see all its functionalities.

How Fastreel works

In the “Tools / Online Video Editor” section we can upload our video to edit it later, we can also add one or more videos for further editing. Fastreel allows us to connect with our Dropbox to easily upload the files directly from the cloud, but we can also upload it ourselves through the web browser.

The maximum size that Fastreel allows us is 500MB, if the sum of all the videos that we upload exceeds it, it will not let us upload any and it will give us an error notice, we will have to upload smaller video files.

When we upload a video file that is less than 500MB, it will take a few seconds to load, and later it will take us to the video editing section, in this case with the free version the options are limited, we can configure different transitions and see what options we could take advantage of with the “Premium” version.

For example, if we click on «Continue in Other Tools» we can see all the tools at our disposal in the paid version, we can compress the video, cut it, trim it, change the video speed, put the video backwards, mute the audio , add music to the video, rotate it, add text, resize it, invert a video, convert images to video, add a watermark, apply all the filters we want, and even add subtitles.

All these options are only available in the Premium version of the tool, in the free version we will not be able to do all this.

As you have seen, Fastreel is a very interesting option to edit video online, without having to download any software on our computer, since we will only need a web browser.