How to control massive spam in Gmail: avoid it in 7 steps

Using email as our daily work tool, what we most seek (and unfortunately we don’t always achieve) is to stop receiving spam in Gmail. Every day we can receive a large number of messages that we simply do not want and that can overwhelm our inboxes. But can we eradicate it? The answer is yes, and in a few steps.

Spam in Gmail can also be eradicated

How to control massive spam in Gmail

Nobody likes to receive spam emails. Aside from being annoying and taking up your time, they can be dangerous. It is estimated that 94% of malware infiltrates through spam emails and there are other dangers such as spyware, phishing and ransomware .

In general terms, spam encompasses unwanted messages that are often advertising or misleading . Spam is as old as the Internet, and despite everything being done to combat it, it is still a problem.

As such, we speak of mass spam in Gmail, the mail that is sent in bulk for advertising purposes. Also known as ‘spam’ because it is of little interest and is not requested by the user. That is why email applications usually automatically filter these messages and place them in a special folder, imitating advertising mailboxes, although this is not always achieved.

You can do it by creating filters

Many of the spam emails that arrive in our Gmail come from companies with which we have or have had a business relationship and, therefore, we have provided them with the information directly. But if you are tired of this happening, you can avoid it much easier than you think.

Just go to the end of the email, that site that we never reach, and look for the option to unsubscribe from this type of mailing, an option that all these emails include as a general rule. Through it there is the option to filter those emails with which you will prevent a specific user from sending you messages.

Crear filtro Spam gmail

You can block their messages, or send their messages directly to a directory. The purpose of this page is to help you manage your Gmail inbox more efficiently by getting rid of the advertising messages you receive. To do so, follow these steps that we show you.

  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Click the icon in the top right, then Settings .
  • Go to Filters and blocked addresses and click create a new filter.
  • In that section write the email address of the sender that you want to keep out of the spam folder.
  • Click Create Filter .
  • Check the Never send to spam boxes and also apply the filter to matching messages.
  • Click Create Filter again.

White lists or whitelist so that the important ones are not lost

Another alternative to improve the learning process of the spam filter in Gmail is to go the other way. They are the so-called white lists or whitelist from which, in this way, you can be sure that no email is lost in the wrong folder.

Spam gmail masivo

For example, if an important email is mistakenly marked as spam, you can change your spam settings in Gmail to avoid this problem. With these alternatives, you have the possibility to configure the anti-spam filter of Gmail to receive only the desired emails. However, it is important to regularly check the contents of the spam folder. In this way you will be able to prevent important emails from being lost or overlooked.