How to Connect the Mobile to a Projector by Cable or WiFi

Mobile screens are getting better and better and have a higher percentage compared to frames, but nevertheless they do not reach the level of size that a projector can offer us. These interesting gadgets that offer us to turn any wall into our own television are an ideal tool to watch movies, series or even to watch YouTube on the big screen.

Possibly you already have one of these devices at home but you don’t know how to connect them to your mobile or, the idea of buying one has occurred to you. In any case, we are going to show you how simple it can be to connect the mobile to the projector with the different methods available and make the mobile screen as big as the wall at home.

Connect the mobile to the projector by cable

The first method that we have at our disposal to make the connection between the mobile phone and the projector by cable depends on an adapter that will change depending on whether we have a smartphone or another. This small outlay will be enough to ensure that we do not encounter any problems in the process and we can use it with other smartphones with the same connection.

Android mobile adapter

Today most Android smartphones already have a USB Type C port, which allows us to use an HDMI adapter to share the mobile image with the projector . There are many models on the market and the only thing we will have to do when we have it in our power is to insert the USB-C port on the smartphone and then the HDMI cable that will go to the projector, in case it is older, a new one will be needed VGA adapter for HDMI, but there are few producers that do not integrate HDMI.

Adpatador USB C a HDMI

In case our smartphone is older, we find a Micro USB input that will force us to depend on a cable. In this case, the cable will have an HDMI input and at the other end the one that we connect to the mobile, requiring only a simple connection and the cable will take care of everything else.

cable MicroUSB a HDMI

Adapter for iPhone

For all those who have an iPhone, the adapter that is needed requires a Lightning to HDMI connection . We can find countless adapters that comply with this functionality and that only allow us to make a quick connection so that the projector emits everything that we are showing on our iPhone.

Adaptador lightning a hdmi

Wireless connection between mobile and projector

In all those cases in which you already have a projector with WiFi technology , the connection process will be much easier with your mobile. We are only going to need the official app if you have it, which we can find in the product box or if we don’t know where it is, we can also continue using the following steps:

compartir pantalla android

  • First, we connect the projector to the WiFi of our house from its menus and controls.
  • Now we have to activate the WiFi functionality between its menus or in the button that is integrated by it.
  • Next we go to our smartphone, where in Android we have to enter Settings> Connections, Connected devices or send (it changes depending on the brand)
  • Search the projector among the devices.
  • Once found, you just have to touch on it and start sharing the screen with the projector.

For those who have an iPhone, first we have to follow the steps of connecting the WiFi with the projector as we have seen before in Android. Then you have to open the control center and touch the option to duplicate the screen. Now we locate the projector and connect it to start broadcasting everything we are seeing on our smartphone.

The Chromecast converts your old projector

If you already had a projector in your house and you want to be able to connect it via WiFi for the convenience it offers, you only need a Chromecast. Any of the models that exist will be useful to connect it to the HDMI of the projector itself, turn on the device and follow the steps shown on the screen. Being connected to the same WiFi network we can use the Chromecast from the projector to send videos from YouTube, Netflix and the main streaming platforms.


If we want to share the screen of the smartphone we can also do it and as before, we will only have to enter the option to duplicate the screen of the iPhone or send in Android to see everything we have on the mobile on the large screen of the projector.

The best projectors to use with your mobile

For all those who are looking to project that will greatly facilitate the connection with the mobile, there are many options to choose from and we have prepared a selection of projectors to connect with the mobile that adapt to all tastes, needs and prices. Surely among the options we offer you will find the projector that fits perfectly in your home room.

The projector to connect by cable to the mobile

The first of the options that we find is that of this device that, although it lacks WiFi, offers us all the options we need to be able to connect it to the mobile. We only need an HDMI cable or adapter to the USB input of the smartphone and in a matter of seconds we can enjoy it without any difficulty. It has 5500 lumens for easy viewing.

proyector vamvo

Mini projector for mobile

For those who do not have too much space and do not require a very large image, the Crosstour mini projector is ideal. It offers the HDMI connections we need and also offers full compatibility with Chromecast or Fire TV Stick. With its integrated battery we can forget about cables and see everything we want in a matter of seconds.

proyector portatil movil

Projector with WiFi for mobile

All those looking for a wireless protector has this model an ideal option since it allows us to comfortably send everything we want to the projector from the phone with the help of WiFi. It also allows you to connect it via Bluetooth to headphones and thus not disturb those who sleep with the sound.

proyector movil wifi

High-level Xiaomi projector

Those who plan to give the projector a lot of use, can opt for the Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector model. This projector offers HDMI, USB and audio jack connections as well as full WiFi compatibility for our convenience. It also has Dolby decoding and reaches up to 120 inches in size, intelligence is not left behind either, since it integrates Google Assistant and the Android operating system to get the most out of it. But all this has a much higher cost than the others.

proyector Xiaomi